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Experience limitless light shaping with Umbrellas

Umbrellas are the backbone of many photographers’ toolboxes, understandably so, because they are easy to work with and ideal to bring to location. Profoto Umbrellas are made to the same exacting standards we apply to all our light modifiers. Available in 18 unique versions and made with high-quality fabrics and surface-treated metallic elements, Profoto Umbrellas provide a superior light and last for many years.

They come in two lines. The Umbrella Deep, ideal when you want to more precisely control the light and the Umbrella Shallow that are perfect for wide and even light spread. Both lines provide light shaping possibilities that are second to none.

  • Control light
    Umbrella Deep
  • Wide, even light
    Umbrella Shallow
  • Umbrella Deep
    Control light

    All of Profoto’s deep umbrellas have a deeper parabolic shape compared with the average umbrella. The deeper the shape, the better control you have of the light spread. It also allows you to focus and shape light by simply sliding the umbrella shaft backward or forward in its holder. 

    Recommended for: Main light
    Popular applications: On-location and studio portrait
    Fabrics: White, Silver, Translucent
    Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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  • Umbrella Shallow
    Wide, even light

    A master of portability and ease-of-use, the Umbrella Shallow is the go-to light modifier when you need a soft light with wide light spread. It’s lightweight and fast to set up, and takes up very little space in your bag when folded.

    Recommended for: Main light, Background light
    Popular applications: On-location and studio portrait
    Fabrics: White, Silver, Translucent
    Sizes: S, M

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Help me choose

Our short guide below can help you find the right umbrella for your needs.


Which shape?

A deeper shape gives you more precise control of the light spread – a more focused light with less stray light. It also provides the possibility of a greater zoom effect than you’ll find in the shallow version. However, the shallow shape offers more light spread, which can be good if you want to achieve an evenly lit background.


Which size?

The sizes range from the smallest 85 cm to the extra-large 165 cm. The size affects the softness and spread of light. Think of it like this – the larger the umbrella the softer the light will be. Also, a larger umbrella will create an even illumination over a larger area which is good for full length or group portraits.


Which fabric?

The Silver creates a very crisp, direct light with more contrast and a high light output, a little like the light you’d get from a hard reflector. The White reflects a more natural, softer light. Translucent umbrellas are used to shoot through and they diffuse and soften the light by reducing contrast. Translucent umbrellas are perfect to create soft light when you’re very close to your subject.

Add ons

Accessorize your Umbrella

Umbrellas might be common and easy-to-use but they are still highly versatile and capable of creating interesting and creative lighting effect. Better yet, you can further expand their versatility with our handy umbrella accessories.

Photo: Julien Apruzzese

Diffusers and Backpanels

Want a softer light? Use our popular diffusers to turn your Umbrella White or Silver into a softbox, or use a backpanel to transform your Translucent Umbrella into a softbox.

Umbrella Diffuser

Turns your White or Silver Umbrella into a softbox
From 584 kr

Umbrella Backpanel

Turns your Translucent Umbrella into a softbox
From 799 kr
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