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Scrim Kit for Cine Reflector

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Discontinued product

This product is discontinued and thus not available for purchase. For more information, please contact us.


Scrim Kit for Cine Reflector Four different scrims for your Cine Reflector

Product number: 901178

Increase the versatility of the Cine Reflector even further with our Scrim Kit. Use scrims to reduce the amount of light without interfering with the color temperature or the light distribution.

The kit includes a Scrim Holder, a full single Scrim, a half single Scrim, a full double Scrim, a half double Scrim, all packed in a premium high-quality Scrim Case.


  • Includes four different scrims for light shaping effects.
  • Reduces the light output without changing its temperature or characteristics.
  • Easy to mount on your Cine Reflector and Cine Reflector LITE.
  • Heats resistant and high quality.
  • Comes in a premium quality scrim case.