Barndoor for StripLight

Barndoor for StripLight

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Barndoors are great for flagging off light and to control the light spread precisely without changing the light characteristics. The two barndoors can be adjusted individually.

The Barndoor for StripLight is offered in three variants – S, M and L.

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Barndoor for StripLight S Used to control and flag off light from the StripLights

Product number: 100742

Profoto StripLights are special effect lights that provide a long and narrow light source with a subtle fall-off. They are often used with the optional barndoors to create perfectly even highlights with sharp outlines. This combination is especially popular among car photographers wanting perfectly even yet razor sharp reflections in the car body.


  • Controls and flags off light.
  • Two individually controlled barndoors.
  • High quality.
  • Used with the StripLights S, M and L.