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Profoto Off-Camera Kit

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Off-Camera Kit for Sony

Product number: 901303-UK

The Profoto Off-Camera Kit is simplicity personified. Featuring Profoto Connect; a trigger for flash that's completely button-free. Better still, it's a trigger for that makes the natural and beautiful light from the Profoto A1X more accessible to more image creators than ever before. Slide it to auto; it's point-and-shoot because the correct flash exposure is calculated for you when you press the shutter. Or you can establish a starting exposure in auto, and then slide it over to manual to creatively fine tune it. The Profoto A1X features a round head with a soft, gentle light fall off. You can be creative with light with a range of light shaping tools and a powerful battery delivers 450 flashes-per-charge and fast recycling time. As a result, The Profoto Off-Camera Kit featuring the Profoto Connect and the A1X is a powerful and easy to use combination. Used together with the Profoto app it gives you seamless control and freedom to bring your vision to life. Anytime, anywhere.


  • Light and portable studio light system
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Never misss a shot – superior power and battery life.
  • Smart connectivety through the Profoto app
  • Auto mode – just point and shoot with automatic flash exposure
Technical specifications

Technical specifications


  • Product number

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: 901312
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: 901206

Camera compatibility

  • Supported camera models

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: α99 II
    α7R III
    α7R II
    α7R IV
    α7S II
    α7 III
    α7 II
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: α99 II
    α7R III
    α7R II
    α7R IV
    α7S II
    α7 III
    α7 II

Wireless connectivity

  • Frequency band

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: 2.4 GHz
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: 2.4 GHz (2404 to 2479.3 MHz)

  • No of sync channels

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: 20
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: 20

  • Operating range

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: Normal flash sync and Remote control up to 300 m (1000 ft). Auto (TTL) and HSS up to 100 m (330 ft).
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: Normal sync and remote control up to 300 m (1000 ft).
    TTL and HSS up to 100 m (330 ft).

  • Supported Air features

    Flash sync, Remote control, Auto (TTL), High Speed Sync (HSS)

  • Bluetooth


  • Supported Bluetooth features

    Profoto app


  • Firmware upgrade

    Via Bluetooth from Profoto app

  • Sync in

    Camera’s hot shoe


  • Input power supply

    Built-in rechargeable Li-Polymer battery

  • Battery capacity

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: >30 hours
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: Up to 450 full power flashes


  • Height

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: 29 mm (1.14 in)
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: 10.8 cm (4.25 in)

  • Weight

    Profoto Connect-S for Sony: 43 g (0.09 lbs)
    A1X AirTTL-S Unit: 560 g (1.2 lbs) including battery

  • Diameter

    45 mm (1.77 in)

What's included?

What's included?

A1X AirTTL-S Unit

x 1

USB Cable 2.0 Type A to Micro B

x 1

Battery Charger for A1

x 1

Latest firmware updates


09 March, 2020



Release notes

  • No feature changes. 
  • Minor bugfixes. 


20 November, 2019



Release notes

  • Minor bugfixes from previous version C5. 
  • Mac installer fixed for macOS Catalina. 


30 September, 2019



Release notes

  • "On (Transmit only)" is added to the list of user selectable Air settings. If you are using A1/A1X on camera and activate this setting you can use it to trigger and control other lights on selected channel but your A1/A1X cannot be triggered or controlled by others.
  • Minor bug fixes.


15 May, 2019



Release notes

  • More Air channels are added. Channel 9-20 are added to previous channels 1-8.
  • Redesigned and improved user interface (for the A1).
  • Improved save-settings handling.
  • Various minor fixes.


30 November, 2018



Release notes

Profoto A1 for Canon

  • The update adds camera compatibility with Canon EOS R.
  • Note that EOS R doesn´t support the AF assist on the A1. It will use on-camera LED as AF assist.

Profoto A1 for Nikon

  • The update adds camera compatibility with Nikon Z6 and Z7.
  • Note that Z6 and Z7 doesn't support the AF assist on the A1. They will use on-camera LED as AF assist.

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