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Expand your Profoto experience with smart connectivity

We created our Profoto app for the modern, connected photographer who wants to get the most out of their shooting experience. When shooting with the Profoto B10, you can use the app to set and control the light. You can also update your light over-the-air when new firmware becomes available.

With creative capture [Beta] and your B10 you can light and capture images with total creative control. Intuitive sliders and a smart preview function allow you to play with light and shadow until you find the perfect mood for your shot.

This is the full Profoto experience at its best. Let smart connectivity become part of your creative workflow.

  • Available for
    Profoto B10
  • Profoto B10
    The power of small

    The Profoto B10 is the smallest and lightest off-camera flash in the range. It has five times the power of a speedlight all packed into the size of a camera lens. You can even shoot video with the integrated continuous light. The Profoto B10 truly is a big light in a small package.

    The B10 comes as a 250Ws version and is available in two different kits: the B10 with a single head and the B10 Duo Kit with two heads.

How it works Take the guided tour
How it works

Take the guided tour

All you need to know to get started
Smart remote control

View and control all B10 settings from your smartphone screen. Touch, swipe and tweak until you get the light just right. This way you can adjust the light brightness, so it blends perfectly with the ambient light.

Easy updates

The latest B10 updates available at your fingertips. Update quickly from the app and the built-in Bluetooth will run the process for you in an instant, so you are ready to shoot with the latest, improved firmware.

Creative capture [Beta]

Use creative capture with your B10 to play with light and shadow and to capture with complete creative control. Intuitive sliders and smart preview function allow you to create images.

Adjust color temperature [Beta]

With creative capture, the B10 is the world’s first off-camera flash with automatic and adjustable color temperature. Get creative by creating a warmer or colder mood in your image or play it safe and go automatic.

All-in-one access

Make the most of your Profoto experience. Check out the app tutorial video, access your space on My Profoto to register your gear and step into Profoto Academy to access popular photography courses.


Operating systems

iPhone 7 and later running on iOS 11 and later

Supported products

Profoto B10



Smart remote control

Up to 3 x Profoto B10

Easy update


Creative capture [Beta]

1 x Profoto B10
LED flash
Wide-angle lens
HEIF format