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Limitless creativity meets workflow automation

Designed to support ambitious brands in creating exceptional content, our creative automation tools blend creative flexibility with productivity. Unleash your creative potential and elevate your photo and video production for e-commerce and editorial. Use one setup to capture creative editorials and style-guide-based content while maximizing your output and minimizing downtime.

Increased efficiency

Generate 3x more output at 50% lower cost. Shoot high-quality photo and video content that needs minimal editing quickly and efficiently. Remove repetitive tasks from your workflow and channel your creativity. 

Full creative control

Create elevated e-commerce content with your signature look using the full power of Profoto lighting. Rely on customizable presets to control and repeat all light and camera settings for consistent, high-quality content.

User-friendly workflow

Easily structure and manage your shoots with our smart, software-controlled hardware. Our intuitive workflow app adds enriched metadata to every shot, helping you track and optimize your content creation.

Multiple types of content

Shoot elevated product images or style-guide-based e-commerce videos with one flexible setup. The system integrates seamlessly into your studio workflow and functions with your existing Profoto flash or continuous lights. 

Profoto Creative Automation

Visual content creation your way

Profoto Elevate

Combining creativity and the power of automation, Profoto Elevate maximizes on-set efficiency. Powered by our app-controlled studio workflow software, our Profoto Elevate system enables you to shoot photos and videos with one setup. Add your lighting of choice and tailor your signature look with full creative control.

Profoto Light Stand Pro

Built for busy studios, Profoto Light Stand Pro supports consistent, high-volume content creation. Its ergonomic handle and smooth sliding mechanism enable easy lighting adjustments. With its sleek and intuitive design, Profoto Light Stand Pro conveniently remembers your light position for the highest level of productivity.

Profoto studio lights

Profoto Elevate and Profoto Light Stand Pro are compatible with all Profoto lights. For high-volume photography, we recommend our studio lighting workhorses, Profoto D2, D2 Industrial, or the world's fastest and most durable flash, Profoto Pro-11. Pick your lighting of choice to create the ideal studio setup for you and your brand.

Light shaping tools

When designing the perfect set up for your studio, our light shaping tools add the final touch to creating your unique brand style. Pick and choose from more than 150 tools to create your desired mood on set. Easily connect your light shaping tools to your light on our Light Stand Pro and quickly start shooting as you're used to from us.


The professional e-commerce studio workflow software from Profoto that's designed to super-charge your visual content production.

Photo and video presets

Customizable presets save consistent angles and lighting. Preconfigure name, aspect ratio, framings, and more according to your style guide needs.

Efficient file management

Use the barcode scanner to automatically name and file your products. ProStudio offers smart file management options that fit your infrastructure.

Flexible framings

Predefine fully customizable camera positions in your photo and video presets. Save time and effort while creating consistent-looking product content.

Boost your sales with video

Eclipse and Live condense photo and video creation into one solution. Capture your products in motion and always deliver a consistent customer experience.

Full creative control

Flexibly create pro-quality content. Adjust lighting, camera settings, and position via simple or manual mode and enjoy full creative control.

Third-party post-production

High content quality and auto background removal require a minimum of editing. Auto-export your content to post-production services Pixelz or Bright River for the final touch.

Standardized workflow

Remove studio bottlenecks and unleash creativity. Loved by e-commerce brands worldwide, ProStudio frees up time by automating repetitive studio tasks.

Incredible ease of use

As easy to use as a smartphone, a single user can use the intuitive ProStudio app to control all functions, lighting, and camera via the included iPad.

ProStudio Discover our studio software

Discover our studio software

See the heart of our studio solutions in action.

E-commerce solutions for every studio

Modular studio solutions

Efficiently shoot consistent, high-quality visual content with our flexible modular studio solutions. A system of lights, modifiers, and software enables fully mobile and creative content creation at scale.

Automated studio solutions

Make use of our all-in-one photo and video systems for efficient e-commerce content creation with ease. Our four plug-and-play solutions automate repetitive studio tasks to free up time for creativity.