Acute2 ProValue Packs

Versatile kit for photographers on the move.

Acute2 ProValue Packs include 1 x Acute2 or Acute2R generator, 2 x AcuteD4 Heads.
Add a couple of stands and it is a complete studio lighting setup!

Product number

  • 900695 Acute2 1200 ProValue Pack (incl 1x900773 2x900618)
  • 900696 Acute2 2400 ProValue Pack (incl 1x900774 2x900618)
  • 900795 Acute2R 1200 ProValue Pack PocketWizard 344Mhz (incl 1x900775 2x900618)
  • 900796 Acute2R 2400 ProValue Pack Pocket Wizard 344Mhz (incl 1x900776 2x900618)