HR Stripmask

HR Stripmask

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The optional stripmasks create an even narrower highlight. Use them with you HR Softboxes Rectangular 2x3’ or 3x4’ and choose between different lengths of the mask effect.

The HR Stripmask for HR Softbox 2x3’ is offered in two mask lengths – 7 cm and 15 cm.
And for the HR Softbox 3x4’ the mask is available in two lengths –10 cm and 35 cm.

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Discontinued product

This product is discontinued and thus not available for purchase. For more information, please contact us.


HR Stripmask 7 cm 2x3' Creates a narrower highlight from HR Softboxes Rectangular

Product number: 254549

All HR Softboxes have a recessed front that allows you to attach different accessories. For the HR Softboxes 2x3’ and 3x’4 there are optional stripmasks that create a narrower highlight. Stripmasks are suitable for detailed highlights or when you want to adjust your set up without repositioning lights.


  • Creates a narrow highlight.
  • Velcro attachments for fast and easy setup.
  • Made with high-quality fabrics.
  • Heat resistant for use with both flashes and continuous lights.
  • Delivered in a labeled soft pouch.