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Profoto Camera

Cameras have changed through the years. They have become smaller and more compact, and now they even inhabit the smartphone in your pocket. As a result, photography has become more accessible to a more significant number of people than ever before. Photographers, creatives, and content creators are all competing for their images to be seen.

Professional photographers, and those who aspire to be, use external light -such as flash to create the fantastic images they capture, regardless of the camera they choose to use. After all, light is the very essence of photography, and using light well can be the difference between an average image and a photograph that gets noticed. Since 1968 Profoto has constantly innovated, and the Profoto Camera is the perfect example of that; the best smartphone camera because it's optimized for light.

  • Compatible with
    Profoto A2
  • Compatible with
    Profoto A10
  • Compatible with
    Profoto B10, B10X & B10X Plus
  • Compatible with
    Profoto Pro-11
  • Compatible with
    Profoto C1 Plus
  • Profoto A2
    Pack light in an instant

    Profoto A2, the flash in the size of a soda can and the perfect solo companion for natural light settings or as a complement to your existing lighting setup.


  • Profoto A10
    The flash for life

    The A10 is in every inch a Profoto light. Its round head delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a soft smooth fall-off. And it’s incredibly easy and to use, with superfast recycling and a long-lasting battery, so you’ll never miss a shot. And with Profoto’s latest Bluetooth enabled technology AirX built in, you can unleash the full power of the A10 when shooting with your smartphone. So regardless of what type of camera you use, you’ll now have access to light shaping excellence anytime, anywhere, always.


  • Profoto B10X & B10X Plus
    The lights for both video and stills

    Choose B10X and you'll get five times the power of a speed light. Choose a B10X Plus and you'll get twice that power. Since both are compact and has a powerful continuous light,  whichever you go for you'll be getting a lot of versatility in a small package.


  • Profoto B10
    A big light in a small package

    Choose the Profoto B10, and you’ll get five times the power of a speedlight, select the B10 Plus, and you’ll get twice that power. Since both are no bigger than a large camera lens, whichever you go for you'll be getting a big light in a small package.


  • Profoto Pro-11
    The ultimate flash

    The Profoto Pro-11 combines industry-defining speed and power with next-level Profoto AirX connectivity. Experience unrivalled speed, control and consistency for any image production large and, well, even larger. That said, with power comes control. The clean user interface with large high-resolution displays provides relevant information with clarity and simplicity. Profoto AirX maintains connectivity with existing Profoto remotes and any Profoto devices with AirX enabled apps. Through Profoto apps you'll have remote control, and the freedom to connect and use smartphone cameras. Also, wireless firmware updates the instant they become available. Enjoy seamless compatibility with connected Profoto products today and tomorrow. Tough, durable and uncompromising the Pro-11 is a true workhorse built to last; ultimately, it's quite possibly the ultimate studio flash.


  • Profoto C1 Plus
    The light that changes everything

    Profoto C1 Plus is a smartphone studio light that creates professional images with just a simple click. Its round design mimics the sun and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, delivering beautiful light on the go. Compatible with light shaping tools such as color gels and grids, it gives you limitless creative possibilities.



Introducing modes A different experience for different needs.

Profoto Camera has two different modes. Each mode has been created to help you make the most of different situations. And Profoto Camera will never be out of date with new modes being added through time.

Smart mode

Light shaping simplicity


Smart mode

You don't need to be an expert to get amazing images fast. 

With Smart-TTL, you have two simple creative controls; flash contrast and flash warmth effects. Select the look you want, and the exposure is calculated for you automatically. 

Does all the heavy lifting

You don't need to worry about shutter speed, ISO, flash power, color temperature, white balance, or tint. Simply create the look you want with Smart Contrast and Smart Color Controls, and Profoto Camera takes care of all the complex calculations for you. 


This is because Smart Mode uses Air-X Smart-TTL; computational flash algorithm* - the first and only one of its kind. 

Easy to use

Enjoy total control with one hand because with Smart Mode; you no longer have to sacrifice creativity for ease of use - you get the best of both worlds. 

*Patent Pending 

Classic mode

Ultimate light shaping control


Classic mode

Classic mode is the traditional light shaping experience for those who enjoy being more hands-on. 

Full manual control

Enjoy a DSLR-like experience on your smartphone with complete control over all photographic settings. 


Multiple TTL modes

Here you can choose the level of control you want. You can fix flash power, or camera settings, or none. Once you've set the rules, Air-X TTL will do the rest. 

Straightforward flash management

Control multiple Profoto AirX lights individually or in a group. 

Innovative creative controls

Smart mode

Automatic exposure gives you the freedom to control how dramatic the light in your photo is and the mood and vibrancy of the color. 

Intuitive exposure control

Smart and Classic mode

Set your exposure preference by simply swiping up or down, just as you would in other Smartphone camera apps. 

Full flexibility for ultimate control

Classic mode

Use full-automatic exposure, lock only ISO or exposure time, or have full manual control over all features,such as flash power, color temperature,and camera settings. 

Continuous updates based on user feedback

Other features

Shoot in different image formats or aspect ratios, display viewfinder grid, anduse filters. And look out; even more features are on their way. 


Custom RAW format for faster post-production and better images
Get ahead of the game with tone, color, and exposure adjustments already in place as you shoot. All optimized for best results with Profoto lights. 

Capture and edit ProfotoRAW files
ProfotoRAW uses the industry-standard digital negative (DNG) file format, so you can edit ProfotoRAW images in any photo editing app that supports the DNG format. 

ProfotoRAW files are 5 to 8 times larger than JPEG files; as a result, each file carries a more significant amount of detail. 

Go behind the scenes with the Profoto Camera Daria Bulavina creates soft light on-location with Profoto Camera and B10

Daria Bulavina creates soft light on-location with Profoto Camera and B10

Go behind the scenes with the Profoto Camera Watch Victor Bruskov shoot edgy fashion portraits with Profoto Camera and B10

Watch Victor Bruskov shoot edgy fashion portraits with Profoto Camera and B10

The professional smartphone camera for flash just got better

The professional smartphone camera for flash just got better


Operating systems

Supported iPhones

iPhone 7 or later running iOS 14 or later.

Android users

Profoto Camera for Android has gone end-of-life and no longer exists on Google Play. It is still possible to download the last APK for installation here.


Supported Android phones

Samsung Galaxy S8 line, S9 line, S10 line, S20 line, S21 line, Note 9 line running Android OS 8 or later.

Supported Profoto products 

Profoto C1 
Profoto C1 Plus 
Profoto A2

Profoto A10 
Profoto B10-series  
Profoto Pro-11 

Supported connection