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Legend of Light: Brian Marcus

04 January, 2019

Written by: Profoto US

Meet Legend of Light : Brian Marcus

Tell us a little about yourself… Who you are, where you’re from, what you shoot/specialize in.

I am the 3rd generation to own and operate Fred Marcus Photography which is a very well-known and respected studio headquartered in New York City. My studio was founded by my late grandfather, Fred Marcus.  Fred was a holocaust survivor who started the business over 80 years ago with little to his name. My father, Andy Marcus followed in his footsteps and for the past 15 years I have been running the business. We specialize in wedding and event photography as well as family and corporate portraiture.

How did you get started in photography?

I started when I was in high school by assisting my father. By working with him from such a young age I learned a lot about professionalism, hard work and customer relationships. All of these lessons have stuck with me to this day.

Who are some of your main influences?

My father and grandfather are my biggest inspirations but I follow the work of Elliot Erwitt, Vivian Maier, Mark Seliger among others. 

When did you start shooting with Profoto?

I started shooting with Profoto exclusively 8 years ago.  I currently use 3 Profoto B1’s and the A1 unit.

What Profoto gear are you currently using? 

My set up is rather simple due to the limited amount of time I have to photograph at a wedding. It allows me to concentrate more on the subject and not on the equipment. B1’s have a beautiful quality of light and are so simple to use whether from the unit themselves or the camera. It’s a perfect complement to the way I shoot. I’m very hands on with my clients - when the equipment becomes secondary, and not your primary focus, that’s when you know it’s great for you. The Profoto system is ideal for me and any wedding photographer who needs to really focus on posing and a schedule.

Do you have a favorite lighting setup? 

I love a beautiful simple setup such as using the B1 with a beauty dish on location and then backlight from the sun.  It is a gorgeous effect!

What is one thing you’re able to do with Profoto lights that you weren’t able to do before? 

Being able to control the power of the lights from the camera is something that I was never able to do before. When I work alone this is a huge value and time saver. 

What is the most important piece of advice you’ve received pertaining to photography?  

You’re only as good as your last job. I never get too high or too low in this business. I concentrate on doing my best whether it’s a wedding for 1500 people or a headshot. Every shoot can lead to another and you never know!

What is your biggest challenge being a wedding photographer? How do you overcome it?

My biggest challenge is evolving a 77-year-old business and staying relevant each and every day. Our commitment to quality and service is what we believe in and it’s kept us on top for years. Staying on top is always the challenge year after year.

What is your dream assignment? 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue :) 

Thanks Brian!



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Written by: Profoto US

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