Legend of Light: Jeremy Cowart | Profoto (US)

Legend of Light: Jeremy Cowart

26 July, 2019

Written by: Profoto US

Meet Legend of Light: Jeremy Cowart

Tell us a little about yourself… Who you are, where you’re from, what you shoot/specialize in.

Hey, I’m Jeremy. I’m from Nashville, TN and I shoot a mix of entertainment, celebrity, advertising and humanitarian work.

How did you get started in photography?

I first got a camera to start scanning in textures because I was a graphic designer at the time and needed a tool to help me gather images. Digital cameras made that process really easy. All my friends happened to be musicians so I started photographing them as well and then fell in love with shooting portraits. So that’s how it all started.

What/who are some of your main influences?

I don’t know that they’re influences per say but there are SO many photographers that I love… Annie Leibovitz, Dan Winters, Frank Ockenfels, Art Streiber, Paolo Roversi, Tim Walker and so many more...

When did you start shooting with Profoto?

When I first started shooting in 2005. I asked another photographer “What kind of lights should I buy?” He said I HAD to start with Profoto. So there ya go haha. It started from Day 1.

What Profoto gear are you currently using?

I’m a huge fan of the B1s and B1x’s. Amazing lights, I use them for everything. I also have a ton of modifiers and other gear from Profoto. My studio is basically a Profoto shop haha.

Do you have a favorite lighting setup?

It’s always hard to beat a simple beauty dish with a grid for a dramatic portrait. Can’t go wrong.

What is one thing you’re able to do with Profoto lights that you weren’t able to do before?

I think the portability of the B1’s is unbelievable. I’ll never forget my first test with those lights… I used them on location in Iceland. And the ability to NOT have to have cords, cables and big batteries was unbelievable. It changed everything for my on-location photography.

What is the most important piece of advice you’ve received pertaining to photography?

When my friend and mentor Jimmy Abegg said “Hey you should go buy one of these new things called a digital camera. I think you’d be great at it."

What is your biggest challenge being a portrait photographer? How do you overcome it?

I’m an artist so I like to just sit back and wait and watch and see what happens. I don’t love directing people so that’s always been a challenge. But most people love to be directed so you have to figure it out. It’s hard and I’m always trying to grow in that area.

What is your dream assignment?

Maybe U2? I’ve always had a lot of respect for Bono. That’s not a new idea or dream assignment but you can add me to the long list of people who’d love to photograph him haha.

Thanks Jeremy!

Connect with Jeremy:

Website: Jeremycowart.com

Instagram: @jeremycowart 

Facebook: @Jeremycowart

Written by: Profoto US

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