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Legend of Light: Miguel Quiles

28 April, 2018

Written by: Profoto US

Meet Legend of Light : Miguel Quiles


Tell us a little about yourself… Who you are, where you’re from, what you shoot/specialize in.


I am a beauty, headshot, and portrait photographer living in New Jersey. My specialty is working with people to create attention-grabbing images.


How did you get started in photography?


I picked up photography as a hobby while pursuing a different hobby. After graduating high school I would attend car shows and spend most of my time and resources modifying my car. I picked up my first camera with the intent of documenting all of the modifications I made to my car, as well as taking photos of all of the beautiful vehicles I was seeing at these shows. It later turned into a passion that would lead me to meeting and working with some great people!


What/who are some of your main influences?


I take inspiration from a lot of photographers over the years, but some of my favorites are Marco Grob, Gavin O’Neill, & Annie Liebovitz.



When did you start shooting with Profoto?


I’ve been using Profoto lights off and on for 2 years now, but started using them exclusively in January 2017. As the years went on in my career it became increasingly important that I am able to achieve my creative visions with equipment that was reliable and consistent.


What Profoto gear are you currently using?


In my studio I mainly use the Profoto D2. When shooting outdoors I take a pair of Profoto B1 and B2 lights. In this way I can be prepared for whatever the shooting situation calls for.


Do you have a favorite lighting setup?


My favorite setup seems to change every month, but these days I’m loving the look of a 5 foot Octa boomed overhead, and using the Profoto 1x6 softbox below as a fill. When you use this for portraits you get this flattering light on the skin, and interesting catch lights that hold the viewer’s attention.

What is one thing you’re able to do with Profoto lights that you weren’t able to do before?

As a Sony shooter, there weren’t any professional options out there that allowed me to use high speed sync reliably. Being able to utilize this feature alone has helped me to create one of my signature looks without the use of ND filters. It also increased my keeper rate for portraits shot at wide apertures which keeps me coming back to these lights again and again.


What is the most important piece of advice you’ve received pertaining to photography?

The best advice I’ve received is to never stop learning! Even though I have the honor of being a “Legend of Light” I still consider myself to forever be a student of the discipline.



What is your biggest challenge being a portrait photographer? How do you overcome it? 

The biggest challenge for me is to constantly find ways to evolve and be more creative. In order to push myself I give myself challenges on a weekly basis where I go out and utilize a setup that is outside of the norm for me. Where I may have gone and used a beauty dish for a shoot, I try and do something with a softbox. Sometimes I choose to shoot with an 85mm lens for a certain look, but instead I try using something like a 135mm lens to mix things up. These creative experiments help to ensure that my work doesn’t get stale.


What is your dream assignment?

My dream assignment would be to do a campaign that would benefit people that are in need, and it’s a dream I’m hoping to realize soon!

Thanks Miguel!



Connect with Miguel:

Website: www.miguelquiles.com

Instagram: @miguelquilesjr

Facebook: @miguelquilesphotography


Written by: Profoto US