Pepper Yandell Shoots a $3.67 Million Car in Just 1 Hour. (Yup, You Read Those Numbers Right…) | Profoto (US)

Pepper Yandell Shoots a $3.67 Million Car in Just 1 Hour. (Yup, You Read Those Numbers Right…)

28 May, 2014

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

If you have the opportunity to shoot a 3.67 million dollar car (of which only three exists in the world), you’d probably want enough time to make the most out of it. Car photographer Pepper Yandell had one hour. Still he managed to nail no less than seven shots.

The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport Rembrandt Edition is not your ordinary car. In fact, considering there are only three of them in the world, it’s pretty much as far from your ordinary car as you come.

“I’ve always wanted to see a Bugatti up close and personal, but I always seemed to just miss one whenever it was around,” says car photographer Pepper Yandell. “My first opportunity to achieve this desire was better than I could’ve ever expected! I was contacted by Park Place Bugatti in Dallas, TX, informing me that they had one of the rarest editions of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport’s being delivered – the Rembrandt Edition.”

Pepper instantly began planning his shoot and assembling his crew. But as often is the case, not everything went as planned.

“This car was being delivered to it’s new owner here in Dallas, and was on a tight schedule,” says Pepper. “The shoot was scheduled for the day the car was actually being delivered, but the client had set aside 4-5 hours for production. Unfortunately, due to an error in delivery, this time got cut all the way down to 60 minutes. This put us in a very tight spot to get everything required…”

But Pepper pulled it off. Thanks to a talented and dedicated team, using Profoto B1 off-camera flashesRFi strip softboxes and Zoom Reflectors, he got not one but seven shots – plus a behind-the-scenes video (above) and some behind-the-scenes shots (below).

“I have my crew to thank for much of it,” says Pepper. “The B1 was also a great help in making this rush of a shoot much more possible. It would’ve been a nightmare having to deal with power cords and power packs everywhere. If you’re on location or in a pinch on getting a shot with a lot of limitations on time or available power, the B1’s are a godsend!”

See more of Pepper’s images at his website and Facebook page.



Photographer: Pepper Yandell

Key Grip + Lighting: Tom Christensen

Personal Camera Assistant: Joel Chan

Videographer: Greg Royar

Grip: Jay Coop

Behind-the-scenes shots: Joel Chan


Final Shots







Behind-the-scenes Shots






Written by: Fredrik Franzén