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Create natural, beautiful light – Flash photography

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With Hannah Couzens


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About this course

This is a great starter course for learning how to take full control of your lighting, whatever the situation, weather or time of day. You’ll follow five scenarios where you’ll learn some quick and easy lighting techniques for creating natural, beautiful portraits. The first indoor scenario shows you on-camera bouncing techniques to help soften the light on your subject. Then Hannah takes the flash off-camera and uses some light shaping techniques, such as an umbrella, to help achieve natural-looking light. Moving outdoors, you‘ll see how High-Speed Sync (HSS) can balance the ambient light with flash. Hannah uses an orange gel to help simulate sunlight, giving her images more depth and warmth. Finally she shows you how to use rim lighting and flare to add dimension to your photos. This is a perfect introduction for you who want to incorporate flash to your natural light photography.

Lighting skill level: Basic

Duration: 20 min

What you get in this course

What you'll learn

Discover how to:

  • Soften your light with an on-camera flash using bouncing techniques
  • Use some easy off-camera flash light shaping techniques
  • Balance ambient light and flash with HSS for professional results
  • Simulate sunlight and create warmth using gels in any weather conditions
  • Add an extra dimension to your image using rim lighting and flares 

What you may need

Essential information

Recommended gear

  • 1 x light for on and off-camera use
  • 1 x umbrella or similar light modifier of choice
  • 1 x color gel

Useful knowledge

  • Lighting skill level: Basic
    • No or little experience of off-camera lighting
    • Want to start exploring simple lighting techniques
  • Camera skill level: Comfortable handling the camera in manual mode


Shin Usami(from Japan)
31 May, 2022

Product photography writing, night portrait writing method, portrait application writing method

26 March, 2022

loved it very informative would love something to help with what equipment for starting out and also for mirrorless cameras

Laddie Crisp Jr.
19 February, 2022

It was basic but helpful to one who hasn’t had much experience with professional lighting. A great way to start out!

07 October, 2021

It is simple and easy

Shannon S
07 October, 2021

Nice simple lighting course for beginners!

19 August, 2021

Very easy to understand. Good results wirh low effort.

27 June, 2021

Great intro to starting to use off camera flash. Thanks

21 April, 2021

I really like the presentation of the training, with a quiz in each section to check understanding.

tammy m
18 April, 2021

The teacher does not speak clearly enough that for those who are not proficient in English, it would be great if you would add subtitles

Anthony McEastland
25 February, 2021

This was very informative especially on how you can use one light to accomplish and control your lighting

07 February, 2021

I thought this course was very well done. I'm very satisfied.

19 January, 2021


28 January, 2021

Excellent instructor with clear. precise, succint instructions

Melanie Johnson
26 November, 2020

Very good starter course for someone who needs introduction to flash.

Penny Lynch
19 November, 2020

Clear and easy to understand with her direction.

19 November, 2020

The lessons were simple and easy to follow.

Doug Casement
23 November, 2020

Short but surprisingly in-depth introduction to using flash for portraiture.

Noah T
20 September, 2020

Great Class. Clear and concise instructions.

Gary Lynn Brown,M.D.,F.A.C.S.
20 September, 2020

Excellent course very concise. Showing multiple different lighting techniques.

Alexander Bischof
21 August, 2020

Like the short form of this course. A very good reminder for the basic things or to look up something. On point

06 August, 2020

Good ideas

donna permell
31 July, 2020

Love it simple

24 June, 2020

well covered on topics

Deric Tan
03 June, 2020

Should include more example tips for fellow Photographers new to flash

John Flynn
02 June, 2020

Amazing course, excellent instructor, concise and very informative

Yvonne Clowes
10 May, 2020

I loved the way that this was easy to understand and supported by examples.. The only thing I would suggest is to give just a few seconds over to explaining what Hi speed sync is.. Thanks Hannah x

Roberto Alfalla
08 May, 2020

Simple yet concise learning tool!

08 June, 2020

For beginners

Qutaiba Al
16 April, 2020

I would Have liked to see more steps tutorials of different type of flash setting for outdoor and indoor

15 April, 2020

Nice and simple tutorials!

31 March, 2020

Excellent course, you will refine your technique.

Barbara Price
12 March, 2020

I recommend this class for any photographer but I wish there was a printed information for each lighting technique for a refresher

Niclas Franzén
14 March, 2020

Easy to follow, i know most of the technics but got some new ideas

Andrew Tandoh
09 March, 2020

Like the way it's straight forward and clear to understand.

28 February, 2020

simple and straightforward!

07 March, 2020

More information about using HSS is missing

Jeff S
26 February, 2020

Really short and basic.

Vincenzo La Magra
17 November, 2019

great learning tool from beginner to a more seasoned shooter good stuff thanks

29 October, 2019

Fantastic explanation

Arash Beheshti
09 October, 2019

I think the narration needs some edit

05 October, 2019

Great instructor. Pleasure to watch.

Erik Mårtensson
30 August, 2019


07 August, 2019

Very good course a lot of valuable advice

J Perry
04 July, 2019

Elegant course. Smart, to the point and simple concepts necessary to help build OCF skills

28 June, 2019

Very handy and practical to watch and answer short quizzes

Ingemar Carlström
26 June, 2019

Very nice course!

Sandra Hafford
25 June, 2019

This was an excellent course! Well demonstrated and easy to follow.

Niclas Franzén
27 June, 2019

Basic course for kick off för flash in ambient nature. Pedagogical good and structured.

Fred Laurès
06 June, 2019

The course are simple and clear

04 June, 2019

I want you to multilingualize the question

Mikael Hedlund
09 June, 2019

A good course with simple instructions!

03 June, 2019

Background music.... If you have a earingproblems, this is very hard to have together whit the talk from the teacher... NO MUSIC, thanks!!

Mikael Ahlander
29 May, 2019

Easy to follow al steps and try it your self

20 June, 2019

Very nice, but a bit short to be a paid course, especially as this is promoting your products.

Hyrom Jones
18 May, 2019

Some Pro's, that I have associated with, may disagree with some of the matters demonstrated here. But I am fully responsive to what was displayed and will adopt those methods into my daily photography work.

09 May, 2019

Could be better with optional subtitles (in french for example)

Troy Wayrynen
11 May, 2019

Good course with interesting flash techniques.

Troy Wayrynen
11 May, 2019

Good course with interesting introductions about basic lighting techniques. Perfect for beginning students.

Kirtika Patel
07 April, 2019

Hannah’s direction is clear & concise, the video doesn’t over run so it’s easier to pay attention. I liked the step by step guides & how she supported this with images to show us her output. I especially liked the camera setting key that popped up on the side, this was very useful as it stops learners from guessing & truly gives you that online teaching experience. Thank you Hannah.

Stewart Copeland
31 March, 2019

An enjoyable and easy to understand introduction to flash. Really enjoyed Hannah's presentation style

Guy Merry
28 March, 2019

Instruction was explained simply without too much technical detail...good job

Jonathan Nivison
23 March, 2019

I like the fact that you have a quiz after each section.

Perry Tatman
19 March, 2019

Nice little intro to some key lighting techniques

17 March, 2019

It was pretty basic stuff but great for beginners i would reckon. Maybe if you had made it a longer course it would have been so much better too :)

13 March, 2019

I love this! Especially as it was free. I can't believe how quickly Hannah, (who I have come across before), teaches a (fairly inexperienced) flash user, to become more proficient in just a few minutes. I will certainly be using more of these lessons to help me become a better Portrait/Wedding photographer and will be recommending you to my friends.

13 March, 2019

Great course on lighting basics.

18 March, 2019

nice teaching and very good tips

Deborah A Hahn
06 March, 2019

I gained a great deal from the simplicity and direct demonstrations, building as we went. I also liked the ability to pause and go back when I had to digest something. I have a problem with lighting concepts but now think I will challenge myself with creativity. I really learned a great deal in a very short time.

Rick Jones
05 March, 2019

Great for a beginner wanting to learn the basics of flash photography. However the Questions can be confusing.

Ken Shymka
27 February, 2019

Simple coarse that is easy to approach and understand and gives you great ideas to take away

Susan M
24 February, 2019

This course was perfect for me. I just purchased an A1 with TTL and learned a great deal. Love Hannah's straight-forward style. I am looking to add either a second A1 or a B10 along with one or two modifiers as I get started. Any advice?

Mariette Kapitein
25 March, 2019

Nice and easy to follow guide for beginner Photographers. For me nothing new, but nice as a refresher. I love the a1 flash. Seems so easy to use. I use a b1, b2, d1 and on location sometimes speedlights and hss.

Yohsuke Isomura
13 February, 2019

I saw all video with Japanese subtitle. It was very good.But, I tried quiz without Japanese subtitle. It was so hard.

09 February, 2019

Its Really easy understanding

07 February, 2019

I've learned great basic techniques that I will use when starting up using flash for the first time (been a natural light photographer for years).

al Paredes
06 March, 2019

I think is missing the flash setting and more metadata on the shoots

01 February, 2019

As a fundamental class, this is a great beginning for flash photography

21 March, 2019

good course, useful tips

lartigue guy
09 February, 2019

manque de traduction en Français

17 February, 2019

Nice information in the Profoto courses. Though, these courses are very pricey for the short, limited content (especially compared to other online course options like CreativeLive, etc.).

Joe Esch
17 January, 2019

This is a short and educational course.

25 December, 2018

I liked the lessons of a few minutes in video. The quizzes to know his progress are good, I would have liked to have the same type of questions but with photos different from those of the video.

15 March, 2019

Literally 4x 2 minute videos

01 January, 2019

Great course! Thanks a lot

Avigdor Ben-Ari
27 November, 2018

great course

22 January, 2019

I wanted to see more of how to actually set the flash. Got to go back to the user guide. I usually have to shoot in manual since I can't find which button to set

05 December, 2018

Good easy to understand and apply information.

03 December, 2018

It's simply to learn

Eduardo Llasat
29 November, 2018

Good course Techniques well explained in a simple and concise way

01 December, 2018

More info/detail would be nice. Were you using TTL? What about Manual mode? I still have several other questions after watching, but I did get some good tips. Thanks.

Eder Barreto Braz
29 October, 2018

the course is precise and concise

Dr Rao PVN
07 November, 2018

very simple to understand and reproduce

Thomas Vasas
21 October, 2018

Great information, and very resourceful.

Aniket Waghmode
17 October, 2018

Could you Explore HSS and LSS more with and without flash ?

24 October, 2018

Very nice as an entry level course. I will appreciate for next courses specific advice regarding the set-up and configuration of the Profoto tools used during the shoot. Please also add always the focal length of the shoot (not only the general lens used, for instance 160mm and not only Zoom 70-200mm).

01 October, 2018

I would like that she use the flash on manual mode, in short your lessons are excellent,thank you so much

Xavier d'Arquer
28 September, 2018

Nice and interesting course for a beginners

26 September, 2018

I genuinely enjoyed and would highly recommend this entry-level course devoted to on-camera and off-camera flash techniques. Cheers! Tony

10 October, 2018

16 October, 2018

Very clear but very basic. Very useful to beginners.

Raoul randriamaholy / France
08 September, 2018


Daniel Martínez Fierro
30 September, 2018

I would recommend it to photographers who are initiating in lighting with flash

27 October, 2018

Outdoor was done rather poorly with hap hazard results. Or maybe the video was incorrectly exposed.

Olivier G
12 September, 2018

The great thing is we can replays the video. Most of the example I was already using them, after several try’s on my own, but it’s always good to have examples we can directly apply. I will look forward for the gel...

Stephen Dunn
21 August, 2018

Like your products the courses are well constructed and easy to follow.

06 October, 2018

basics...nothing new...but nicely made!

Arun Nevader
15 August, 2018

Great, easy to understand class. Hannah is a terrific teacher and a pleasure to listen to. There's one significant typo. In the first outdoor setup where 3 images are shown side by side, the caption reads translucent umbrella, but Hannah is using a white umbrella. Enjoyed the class a lot!

Andrew Lyndon-Skeggs
20 August, 2018

Excellent short course. Clear and to the point. Informative and useful.

25 July, 2018

I have read lots of books and seen loads of youtube videos, but this is by far the best. I have found this easy to follow and the quiz is great. I will definately reccomend and wil be purchasing other courses.

Phil Wood
25 July, 2018

Loved the class and the examples helped to show how she did it and let you see the result

Kanaporn Latthitham
04 August, 2018

It's not for the beginner and too simple for flash user

23 July, 2018

Well done and easy to understand. I do wish the courses on HSS had a bit more detail one setup.

Kitty Murray
09 July, 2018

I like how each lighting technique follows a precise presentational layout: objectives, demo, checklist, quiz. I'm switching from X brands to Profoto. I enjoy the feel, look, and ease of using Profoto lights and mods. TY

Peter Fischer
24 June, 2018

Very clear and short! Well done!

22 July, 2018

The course is very light

17 June, 2018

Good course for the beginner

15 June, 2018

It will solve the problem precisely in a simple way!

11 July, 2018

It would be greater if the course went into a bit more detail with regards to the technical setup

Warren Claflin
28 July, 2018

On quiz 3, when someone checks the correct answer it's showing up in the results wrong. I selected option c 3 times, but in the results it says I selected option b. You should get this fixed.

Valsan Melepat
05 June, 2018

Subtitles would be really helpful

Robin Ghai
10 June, 2018

As an amateur, it really helped me a lot understanding flash lighting.

Lawrence Gobetz
26 May, 2018

Would be helpful if the flash settings were shared. ? TTL was it manual, what power was used if manual etc

25 May, 2018

It's very easy to understand and follow, great tips and examples. There's a summary at the end of each tutorials and quizzes to check the knowledge. I really like it.

Stephen Muller
21 June, 2018

Good refresher with quite a few new things to try.

Julio Leite
16 May, 2018

I loved this course!

Ángel Molina
15 May, 2018

Muy interesante el curso

13 June, 2018

very simple and efficient configurations, easy to apply, just try now !

César Díaz del Valle
12 May, 2018

Very simple, clear and well-orientated course!

30 June, 2018

It's great

Harry Lo
19 July, 2018

I am concern the lighting setting in manual mode

14 May, 2018

Very good course, Hannah did a good job!
I would have liked to see the A1 TTL used to meter the skin tone and then set to manual if this is possible with this unit.
Overall well done!

04 May, 2018

Also share the flash reading and settings for better understanding.

Harald Steffen
01 May, 2018

"Perfect" is a strange Expression, strange Word, for something .. but that's exact what I thought after the course. And, it fits all together, products and course and results. Thank you.

Jay dabgar
27 April, 2018

It's very helpfull and it's giving true knowledge for using flesh it's totally use full i love it... Tn1 profoto...

27 April, 2018

great for a beginner

Patti Looney
26 April, 2018

Hannah explains things very well. I like that it right to the point.

Matthew Holland
15 May, 2018

Good navigation through questions and lighting instruction.

12 May, 2018

More in depth tips for HSS shooting would have been nice. Balancing multiple flashes manually instead of just using the fancy TTL would be great too. Overall nice course.

Jim Lee
12 May, 2018

These are helpful for most photographers who are looking to integrate flash photography into their workflow.

18 May, 2018

Great for a free intro and so much more to learn

27 June, 2018

Very basic introduction how to use flash. I didn't learn anything new. Nothing for people who are interested in Profoto equipment

Bharat Chowdry U
27 April, 2018

doing a great job .

26 April, 2018

thanks for a great course. it was both inspiring and motivating

Kenneth Weston
15 April, 2018

Very sound advice, clearly given. A great aide memoir.

Bonnie Hoskin
15 April, 2018

Great for starting photographers!

Robert Bowser
15 April, 2018

it was a excellent course for anybody just getting into flash photography, love where instructor gave tips on inside and outside

Stephen Muller
04 May, 2018

Good refresher, I need to get out and practice more.

Keith Bobo
13 April, 2018

Great intro to using on and off camera flash with modifiers that is very easy to follow and understand for anyone wanting to learn how to use a flash.

11 April, 2018

TEST! Where does this end up?

20 April, 2018

it was better than I accepted

04 April, 2018

Really quick and easy to consume.

mihir m kalyani
12 April, 2018

it was bette than I accepted

William Wong
12 April, 2018

Hannah made everything look so simple. I like the format of the video, with details on the exposure settings used on each shot. The quizzes help consolidate learning in a fun way.

john wheatley
22 May, 2018

There is nothing here, thats not already on Youtube.

Eugene Cheng
09 June, 2018

Too simple

Michaela Krauss-Boneau
31 March, 2018

Very well explained for beginners and still interestingly done for professionals

Ole Smidt
10 April, 2018

It make me want to go directly to my camera and A1 flash and use it right now!

29 March, 2018

Courses are really great especially with the questions to confirm understanding

Marco Castro
28 March, 2018

An easy way to learn how to improve flash lighting techniques on portrait

28 March, 2018

Quite basic. But good stuff to know

Ben Lister
28 March, 2018

Clear directions

27 March, 2018

Good tutorial for amateur photographers.

06 April, 2018

I actually liked how quick each lesson was. It was to the point with simple set ups.

15 April, 2018

explication très simples et très efficace.A expérimenter tout de suite. Merci

26 March, 2018

Great course. Thank you

John Wyatt
26 March, 2018

The video by Hannah was very informative, I like the idea of engagement via the quiz. Whilst the questions are not too difficult, on getting the answers right it inspires one to go on to the next level.

25 March, 2018

Course very well explained with a quick and effective method. Very helpful.

Dennis McGee.
24 March, 2018

Good tutorial

13 April, 2018

A Little too fast spoken... for someone which mothertongue is not english.

12 April, 2018

Very informative and practical course, presented in a concise but engaging manner.

02 April, 2018

i tried it, i like it, i experiment it, i love it!

Kevin Lamb
23 March, 2018

Very well put together Thank You

Beth Daloia
23 March, 2018

Now I just have to get the Profoto A1. I currently use Nikon SB-5000, but want more of a strobe than flash. I hope I can use it with my Phottix Odin transmitters and receivers.

23 March, 2018

Thnaks first, the lecons have bben clear an pro

Jacques Cedric ISMORIN
22 March, 2018

great timing. very clear and very good image quality to see difference between shots

01 April, 2018

Not over complicated, easy to follow and understand, good to see the differences with the picture samples

11 April, 2018

Well presented and easy to follow.

Sheldon Reich Photography
21 March, 2018

Wonderful course -- well paced and easy to follow and understand.

Á. Molina
21 March, 2018

Muy bien. Me parece correcto para aclarar conceptos de iluminación para empezar.

Tom Jay
21 March, 2018

Succinct and to the point. Covered it all quickly and competently.

20 March, 2018

very usefull course, appreciated. I know need one Profoto A1

Ne Ko
20 March, 2018

it is awesome and well explained

Wilfried Debergh
20 March, 2018

To the point, short, usable

20 March, 2018

Ms. Hannah explained everything in her videos in a light and easy manner. It was very easy to understand what she is teaching.

Guy Hibon
20 March, 2018

The video in French would be a plus.

20 March, 2018

Easy to understand. Good basic flash setups.

Ray Lundrigan Photography
20 March, 2018

This course was definitely designed to keep it simple without adding in the usual jargon that can sometimes confuse the beginning student - well done!

20 March, 2018

Awesome and practical tutorial, my favorite part was having a quiz after every video.

Mauricio Lara
20 March, 2018

jLorenzo Miller
20 March, 2018

Well done, simple and clear instruction, more for the beginner and intermediate photographer. I enjoyed it all the same.

Casey Prout
18 June, 2018

I understand this is a freebie that tries to entice a person to buy more courses. But I found this too basic and makes me question the quality of information in future courses. I would rather see a sampling of sections of all courses to get a idea of the value of this learning system.

Hyrom Jones.
29 March, 2018

Great techniques for those choosing to enter into the 'realm' of Flash Lighting.

Kai T. Dragland
19 March, 2018

Great introduction to blending natural light and flash. Learned to use clamps and reflectors in a new way.

Marko Dražić
28 March, 2018

Good, could be improved with manual settings of flash for non ttl users with Leica myself.

T Cowart
16 June, 2018

Only slightly useful if you've never shot with flash in your life. I expected technical details regarding flash distance and angle, as well as suggestions for manual Profoto settings, as TTL for fill flash isn't generally ideal. This should be offered as a free video on the Profoto site. It's not worth $10.

Shaun Smith
05 April, 2018

Great info in bitesize chunks

05 April, 2018

I put an 8 because I would of like to of known the colour correction setting eg was it on AutoWhite balance or was a white balance card used. Other than that it was good

Göran Olsson
16 March, 2018

Its was very easy to follow and understand the videos and the length of them was perfectly appropriate!

Peter Norén
15 March, 2018

Enkel, informativ och direkt matnyttig!

Paul Mitchell
04 April, 2018

Really helpful builds using some relatively simple techniques with a huge positive impact. Crystal clear and easy to apply immediately.

Sami S
23 March, 2018

I think this was very basic tutorial but it was very good. I liked how she used Profoto A1 which is very interesting product. As a Elinchrom user I'm more curious to try Profoto products in future. Thank you very much giving this tutorial for free.
BTW, your social media appearance beats Elinchrom 10-0 especially in Instagram ;)

21 April, 2018

I thought that a glaring error was not showing how the flash unit was set up. I can't believe that was not done to help explain the process. UNLESS I MISSED SOMETHING. The camera settings were shown on a side bar but nothing was shown about flash unit settings. I would love to hear from you about that issue. Other than that, speaker was clear and the videos matched the subject very well. It was very efficient and sensitive to time.

10 April, 2018

So simple but so useful.

Jéan van Heerden
21 March, 2018

Very good, structured, concise information. Just feels a bit short for $10.

20 March, 2018

I thought she did a great job of showing how to get the results she was looking for. It was simple to understand but technically great instruction. Keep up the good work.

20 March, 2018

Very straight forward

09 April, 2018

its very helpful.i really like it

Audra Gray
19 March, 2018

This was both a great reminder of basic techniques and intro to ideas about using Profoto A1 light efficiently. So this course works for both pros and beginners trying to become professional photogs.

Chris Dean
28 March, 2018

Really good introduction to flash work. Easy to follow and straightforward. Excellent for beginners, which I assume is who it is aimed at.

07 April, 2018

Decent summery of basic 'speedlite' photography. I do however want to say that some of the lightning angles used wasn't ideal - like the distance between umbrella and subject; bare-bulb rim light at the same level as the head is not flattering, higher angle with an umbrella will give a much better rim light.

Thomas Hill
17 April, 2018

I found the information really useful but felt it was lacking a bit in content for the price. Really happy to receive this as a gift from the photography show though. Thank you!

26 March, 2018

Good tips to begin flash photography.

Emma Tarrant
06 March, 2018

Enjoyable course format. Hannah presents it in a friendly, engaging style which is very clear and to the point. Loved the mini quiz after each section too!

Julio Zavala
03 April, 2018

It is simple and easy to understand but to short... would be awesome if we can explore some other techniques.

22 March, 2018

Wäre in deutsch nicht schlecht!

Abner Fernandes
22 March, 2018

The video was very well made. However, it would help greatly to have a downloadable pdf like option with the lighting diagrams and details provided so one can refer to the lessons offline later in a readable format.

21 March, 2018

Good use of examples, good flow of material, quizzes are just OK

Pascal Biston
21 March, 2018

Nice course but more explain what settings you use on camera.

01 March, 2018

I need Japanese subtitles.

20 March, 2018

Nice course, quick and easy to understand

20 March, 2018

This was simple and well presented. Very clear

20 March, 2018

it should be free as it your marketing tools. make profoto a company of know ledge how to control light

Tony Maillard Photographe Nantes
20 March, 2018

27 February, 2018


Mark K.
19 March, 2018

Good introductory look at the subject.

Keith Scharf
19 March, 2018

I found it a good refresher course. For that reason I would definitely recommend it.

19 March, 2018

More for beginners but it's ok

Jim Kilgo
28 March, 2018

Good info in the course. I found it very basic, but I have an extensive photography background and experience. That being said this would be a good course for a beginner.

27 March, 2018

Good basic series

Tak Uehara
25 February, 2018

This course is very simple but valuable.

26 March, 2018

Great, thanks for the free course.

Ricardo M Calderon
24 May, 2018

It is too short, most of the information is so basic that you can find it in youtube with no cost. You do not give technical basics as the power of the flash, is it a TTL? how to look for a hss in your flash. I bought this course to see if it is worthy to pay the expensive ones... I am very disapointed for the short time and the poor information.

24 March, 2018

Clean and simple

01 March, 2018

Good guidance - very helpful

Seiso Namura
28 February, 2018

I wanted to know more about it.

Greg Schaeffer
20 March, 2018

Pretty elementary for a professional photographer...but excellent for a beginner!

20 March, 2018

Very well :-)

19 April, 2018

Effective but pretty basic.

19 March, 2018

This course is really basic. Good stuff to know. Doubtful a beginner will run out to buy Profoto A1's to experiment with these techniques. Those ready to set-up to Profoto gear should already know these things.

The instructor was very good in telling us what she was doing (however, her HSS sync was shown at 1/200s, not HSS)

19 March, 2018

Basic, but very well made course

15 February, 2018

Great easy clear teacher. Enjoyed.

14 February, 2018

I am a beginner with flashlight and this is exactly the kind of information Im looking for. Short, exact and understandable.

Pete Ladell
26 March, 2018

Good intro to lighting, exposure, & using flash

Chip Y.
21 February, 2018

very detailed course

Jérôme Philippon
02 April, 2018

Easy and entertaining way to learn the basics

10 February, 2018

I would have liked to know the distance from the flash to the subject

22 March, 2018

very basic ! not sure if that merits the cost

09 February, 2018

Very enjoyable and especially enjoyed that the courses were short and on point without a lot of babbling.

Juergen E. Dechert
20 March, 2018

Nice training, introducing the basics of adding flash to improve your portrait shoots. It is well designed and contains didactic elements, repeating the learned material with quiz questions. I like this approach (I developed something similar in export control e-learning for my company). I would recommend this course for the enthusiastic beginner in portrait photography. It also demonstrates, that you can produce amazing results with an off camera speedlight and a simple shoot through umbrella - so no expensive & fancy gear required.

Tiago Caramujo
20 March, 2018

The lesson is great, but in my case I am a professional photographer in Portugal and I already knew these techniques and others similar.

07 February, 2018

I found my course to be very useful in my day to day shooting. I look forward to enrolling in the next class.

27 February, 2018

Quite basic, but enjoyed.

19 March, 2018

Good, but pretty basic tutorial

19 March, 2018

Basic lighting, good for beginners. Nothing on the flash settings.

06 February, 2018

Just brilliant :-) So happy for my A1´s

28 March, 2018

well known stuff ...

Nicky Broos
26 March, 2018

The course feels small for the money and could use more details on why using particular shutter speed and aperture.

Hannah seems awesome!

Helge Mruck
26 March, 2018

A very basic course, where the positioning of the flash/reflector seems formulaic, rather than responsive to the resultant light. Okay as an introduction, but should be more clearly labelled as such. The naturalness of the resulting light certainly is questionable.

26 March, 2018

for beginners ok, nothing for pro-users

Katsuhito Chiba
04 March, 2018

I feel this course is good to me. In addition, if I go to extra courses, one of key factors is who lectures us. For example, Andrea Belluso, Matthew Jordan Smith and so forth are preferable.

22 February, 2018

Good and useful tips, but I thougt the course would be longer. Comparing to other courses on the web the price was quite high as for how much i got out from it.

11 February, 2018

Perhaps needs an explanation as to why an umbrella is used and not just a diffuser on the flash.

12 April, 2018

Very basic course.

22 March, 2018

Basic level instruction with nice visual to accompany content.

30 January, 2018

All my lighting equipment and modifiers are profoto, I love the quality and consistency . Great courses, hope to he a profoto ambassador one day😁

28 February, 2018

Brief, straight to the point and good results

20 March, 2018

Although this video covered the pertinent issues regarding the different type of on/off camera flash, it did not explain (or describe) how the photograper achieved the various just stated them. Adding "this how" would have improved the video.

Martin Budach
20 March, 2018

Hello there,

it's a good overview of lighting techniques. Beginners will enjoy it. I had a free course entrance: But personally i wouldn't pay for it, just because it wasn't new for me. But anyways i like to give feedback, because i'm a fan of concious work.

You could increase the sense of the quiz. It's too much related to words. For example you give two similar answers, with the only difference in the side of the model "left vs. right", but it's not clear to the viewer/customer if you mean the viewers point or the models point. For me as a viewer is 'left' the left side i see, but for the model the exact same side is right. So like i said it's too much playing with words.

For one of the biggest and one of the best lighting companies, that trying to establish some kind of "academic teaching" it would be better to have some kind of personal relation. If people are going to pay for these kind of education give them something to grab for - e.g. example images and let them describe the lighting situation in a few words within a text field and try to give personal feedback to their statements. Of course it'll take time, but waiting 1 or 2 days for personal feedback is way more useful to the customer and will probably lead them back with joy, than just clicking some answers in a prepared textrelated quiz.

Anyways thank you for giving me the opportunity to test your service and giving my feedback. I enjoy working with your products as well.

Alex Irondile
19 March, 2018

As a professional photographer for more than seven years i think i would recommend this course not to my fellow photographer friends (with five or more years of experience) but to the beginners because it is a really interesting and well done video format course with easy to understand content.

Barry Phillips
29 March, 2018

A bit too basic for me but I guess if you’re new to flash then OK

Keith Wheeler
16 March, 2018

Good clear narration across the techniques, as well helpful aids for the settings. However I would have liked a subtle insight on use of the A1.

26 March, 2018

I like the gel of background and will different be using that one, the rest I've already do.

Gaetan Dery
24 March, 2018

Found the narrator a bit too simplistic

12 February, 2018

Covers the basics well in an easy to understand way - a great introduction to on and off camera flash and directing light.

12 February, 2018

Pickup a few ideas on this course that is really useful and can use on my own photoshoot

Stefan ”Stisse” Gustafsson
21 February, 2018

Great lessons. Fast learning with short videos. Thumbs up.

10 February, 2018

I would show the equipment (flash and light modifier in more detail perhaps at the beginning & also to recommend locations searching to avoid direct sunlight etc.

R. Kent Squires
21 March, 2018

Very, very basic

29 March, 2018

Very basic, put me off the whole academy idea if this the standard.

Rob Tudor
28 March, 2018

Too basic. Too little content.

07 April, 2018

The technical quality of the course and content was fine on its own, but I think it's missing the target audience. If you get Profoto, what was shown here can be assumed to be known. There were a few tricks here and there, but for most parts, this is way too basic to be worth it.

05 March, 2018

This is quite basic.Gives an basic idea how to work flashes

20 February, 2018

I think the coarse i did was a short and sweet intro into flash photography. i am not new to flash and understand the basics but maybe someone unfamiliar to flash might find a bit confusing. i am skeptical on paying a higher cost for a more advanced course.

09 February, 2018

Could we have te reference of the materiel use (reflector, tripod etc). Also not sure but the flash were in automatic mode ?

Michal Plachy
20 March, 2018

This is the absolutely basics for beginners.

20 March, 2018

Very basic, but a good refresher.

19 March, 2018

Its amazing beginners tutorial for beginners.

I would love to see as part of this tutorial bit that explains modifiers use in bit more depth. What to use in what scenarios, differences between product that are seemingly same to uneducated person. For instance, difference between deep and shallow umbrellas in both translucent and reflective range. Most people I know have no idea why is deep translucent umbrella *white shoot through* better or worse then shallow one. Me personally would love to know what is the difference between the 2.

19 March, 2018

too simplified the whole process, eg. how to setup the umbrella

28 March, 2018

The information was pretty basic. But it was a good refresher.

22 March, 2018

There is an error in it, penultimate set up shows white umbrella but talks about shoot through. Also last question, answers 1 and 2 are right, whether you meter subject or background first makes no difference.
Also seems odd that generally shot to shot shutter speed is changing, best leave everything alone to show effect of light.

22 March, 2018

Much too basic

21 March, 2018

very clear and basic

09 February, 2018

I would like to include some basic flash settings as well

09 February, 2018

It's been ok could do with a bit more info.

20 March, 2018

Bit basic

Sören H
05 March, 2018

This is a course for beginners. For me its a waist of time. Sorry.

Norinao Wakiya
22 February, 2018

Video has Japanese Caption, but Quiz and Feedback does not have translation.

kristian S-G
20 March, 2018

Seriously Profoto?, I thought you where a company aiming at professionals, this is not selling your academy at all :(
Best regards Kristian

Dierk Linke
19 March, 2018

This course is only for beginners.

19 March, 2018

Too basic and Profoto should not be charging for this

Aaron Mahlon Thomas
19 March, 2018

I guess there needs to be away to discover what is the expertise level of the photographer seeking the training. For me this was very elementary.

19 March, 2018

Its too basic. You can find this for free on youtube.

19 March, 2018

Class is very basic, for a photographer it is not worth the $10, now for a beginner it is good.

31 January, 2018

Its good and helpful but all to expensive, you tube is full of videos like this for 0 cost

10 March, 2018

Very basic stuff you can get for free on YouTube.

Antonello Guarino
23 February, 2018

Nice work but on youtube we can found a lot like these for free

02 February, 2018

She is not showing flash setting

18 February, 2018

Too basic for a Profoto user

17 February, 2018

To simple. Maybe its for beginners?

31 January, 2018

good with 3 different lightings but otherwise to basic

Meet the teacher
Hannah Couzens
Hannah is an award winning professional portrait photographer, who shoots everything from corporate headshots to families and celebrities. She also runs a successful high street photography business in the UK and twice won the Young Business Person award. Hannah is involved in many UK speaking engagements for Profoto and runs her own workshops.
Meet the teacher

Hannah Couzens

Hannah is an award winning professional portrait photographer, who shoots everything from corporate headshots to families and celebrities. She also runs a successful high street photography business in the UK and twice won the Young Business Person award. Hannah is involved in many UK speaking engagements for Profoto and runs her own workshops.

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