Magic Mannequin II | Profoto (AU)

Efficient mannequin photography at scale

Designed for high-quality, high-volume mannequin photography, Magic Mannequin II is made from lightweight Piocelan and weighs less than a liter bottle of water. Made with stylists in mind, the mannequins are incredibly easy to handle, pinnable, and optimized in shape, allowing for a streamlined styling workflow with minimal need for post-production.

Increase your daily content output

Style flowy blouses or button-down shirts with ease. Piocelan is a pinnable hybrid foam material that’s lightweight, robust, and easy to handle.

Consistent high-quality packshots

Magic Mannequin II features magnetically removable arms and repeatable arm positions, enabling consistent pro-quality packshot creation at scale.

Get your products online faster

Optimized in shape and with removable necklines, Magic Mannequin II allows for quick styling and requires minimal post-production.

Seamless compatibility with our automated systems

Visual content creation your way

Full Female Magic Mannequin II

Made for high-quality, high-volume mannequin photography, our Full Magic Mannequin II Female is lightweight, pinnable, and optimized in shape. Magnetically removable arms, repeatable arm positions, and detachable necklines offer flexibility and minimize the need for post-production. Our Full Magic Mannequin II Female comes in EU size 36/ 38 (S) with a 28-inch waist.

Full Male Magic Mannequin II

Our Full Magic Mannequin II Male comes in EU size 48/ 50 (M) with a 32-inch waist and is the perfect mannequin for your fashion e-commerce photography needs. Designed for content creation at scale and made from lightweight and pinnable Pioceland hybrid foam, our Magic Mannequin II ensures a streamlined styling process, high-quality output, and fast turnaround times.

Discover our Magic Mannequin II

Discover our Magic Mannequin II

The perfect mannequins for a streamlined content creation workflow.

I can remove the mannequin torso with one hand and put the legs in place with the other. That saves me so much time in the styling process!

Irma Veelo