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Press release

Now for Android - Profoto B10 & B10 Plus

30 January, 2020

Profoto announces Android compatibility for B10 & B10 Plus’s control, offering seamless smartphone connectivity to more photographers.

In September 2018, Profoto launched the B10, a powerful battery-powered flash in a compact size. Shortly afterward in 2019, Profoto released the ever so slightly bigger brother the B10 Plus. Since then, the B10 series has been the preferred light for on-location photographers globally.

At the time, iPhone users could enjoy the freedom to control light by a simple swipe on their smartphone screen. Today, Profoto also offers that freedom to Android users through the Profoto Control Android app available on Google Play Store.

The Profoto B10 series are seriously small with the Profoto B10 similar in size to a medium camera lens and the B10 Plus around the size of a large camera lens. That said, both lights punch significantly above their weight with the Profoto B10 delivering five times the power of a speedlight and the B10 Plus providing twice that amount; light that's natural and beautiful with a soft, gentle fall-off.

Trigger and control them wirelessly with ease from any Profoto Air remote, from Profoto Connect, or the Profoto A1 or A1X. You can point and shoot with TTL or switch to manual control at any time.

With the B10 & B10 Plus connected to the Profoto Control Android app, you can easily view and control all B10 and B10 Plus settings from the palm of your hand and install new updates in seconds.

Wherever your shoot takes you, Profoto B10 series provides you the power to create with seamless smartphone connectivity – now available for all Android and iPhone users.