Acute/D4 Head

The compact and reliable Acute/D4 head is designed to bring out the best of the D4 and the former Acute2 packs. It’s built to withstand years of professional use.

The Acute/D4 Head is offered in four variants; with UNC coating in 250W or 500W or with UV coating in 250W or 500W. All variants are delivered with a Zoom Reflector.

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Acute/D4 Head UV 250W/230V

Product number: 900666

The Acute/D4 Head is designed to bring out the best of the D4 and the former Acute2 packs. Despite its small size it can handle up to 4800Ws, consistently, impeccably, hour after hour, over and over again.

The Acute/D4 Head is compatible with more than 120 Profoto light shaping tools and designed to support the Profoto zoom function. It’s a unique feature that allows you to shape light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.


  • Made for tough and demanding work with D4 or Acute2 packs.
  • Very safe to use thanks to the UV reducing glass cover and arc-proof connector.
  • Temperature controlled fan will keeps head and accessories cool even during excessive use.
  • Compatible with 120+ Profoto Light Shaping Tools.
  • Profoto Zoom Reflector included – a classic and highly versatile tool that has served photographers all over the world for more than four decades.

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