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Create a soft light with the many popular Softboxes

There’s a reason our softboxes are so popular. They are made with high quality, durable fabrics and available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Setting up is fast and hassle-free thanks to color-coded speedrings and Velcro attachments. There’s a wide range of optional accessories too, including speedring adapters which will ensure your softbox is compatible with the major flash brands.

We offer three lines of softboxes. The most popular is our standard RFi Softboxes that can be used with all of our lights. The OCF Softboxes are extra portable and lightweight and made for our off-camera flashes. And finally we have the Clic Softbox Octa. Made for our A-series flashes and designed for creating soft light on the go.

  • The studio standard
    RFi Softboxes
  • The portable for on location
    OCF Softboxes
  • For soft light on the go
    Clic Softbox
  • RFi Softboxes
    The studio standard

    Hugely popular, our RFi Softboxes come in all shapes and sizes to provide the most light shaping control. They have a deeper shape, a recessed front, double-layered removable diffusers and a highly reflective silver interior. Each unit is hand sewn with top-quality fabrics, and for extra durability seam-lines, edges and corner pockets are all reinforced. Add the optional speedring adapters and they are compatible with the major flash brands.

    Recommended for: Main light, Fill light, Rim light
    Popular applications: Portrait, Still life
    Shapes: Rectangular, Octa, Strip, Square

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  • OCF Softboxes
    The portable for on location

    OCF Softboxes are dedicated to our off-camera flashes and designed to be fast and easy to use on location. Constructed with unique materials they are lightweight and easy to fold and unfold, which makes them very compact and portable to bring in your location lighting bag. Add to that the fixed diffuser, the patent-pending speedring and the color-coded rods which make them easy to set up fast.

    Recommended for: Main light, Fill light, Rim light
    Popular applications: On-location portrait, Wedding
    Shapes: Rectangular, Octa, Strip, Square

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  • Clic Softbox
    For soft light on the go

    The Profoto Clic Softbox Octa is designed for our A-series flashes. It’s made using durable and lightweight materials, making it extremely portable. And with its unique quick fold/unfold solution and magnet attachment technology to attach it to the flash head, it truly delivers soft light in just a click. 

    Recommended for: Main light, Fill light, Rim light
    Popular applications: On-location portraits, wedding, and flat-lays
    Shapes: Octa

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Help me choose

Our short guide below can help you find the right softbox for your needs.


Which line is right for me?

The RFi are our most popular softboxes and are ideal for both studio and on-location work. OCF Softboxes are used with our off-camera flashes and are super-portable and lightweight which makes them perfect for remote location shooting. The Clic Softbox Octa is dedicated to our A-series flashes. It features a rapid fold/unfold solution and uses strong magnets to attach to the flash head. Making it perfect for creating soft light on the go.

Which shape?

Which shape?

The Rectangular and Square are similar in nature, suitable for almost any occasion. The popular Rectangular is very versatile and suits most photography areas. The Square is a favorite of product photographers providing symmetric square highlights. The Octa shape is the portrait photographer’s favorite as it generates a very soft even light and also a natural looking catch light in the eye. Strip softboxes are great as rim lights and for creating long and perfectly even highlights with soft edges.


What size?

It’s true to say we’ve got a softbox for every occasion. The range starts with the smallest at 1x1.3’ and ends with the largest at 4x6’ with more than 20 other sizes in between. It’s worth keeping in mind that the larger the softbox and the closer the light source is to the subject the softer the light will be.

The Light Shaper Think outside the softbox

Think outside the softbox

Andrea Belluso does four different fashion setups using nothing but softboxes
Profoto Clic Softbox Octa Walkthrough of the softbox

Walkthrough of the softbox

Profoto's product expert Chris Fain gives you the full tour of the Clic Softbox Octa.
Go behind the scenes Six setups for beauty lighting

Six setups for beauty lighting

See Rossella Vanon's pastel-themed series shot with the RFi Softboxes and the Softlight Reflector
The Light Shaper Creating a dramatic portrait

Creating a dramatic portrait

Andrea Belluso brings strip softboxes to a murky hangar to shoot an elegant yet dramatic portrait of an old friend of his
Add ons

Accessorize your Softbox

Our softboxes, like any other light modifier, are designed with versatility in mind with a wide assortment of accessories. Start out by choosing your speedring, thereafter choose one or several of the optional accessories that will allow you to narrow the light spread or diffuse the light.


The speedring is the hub that assembles the softbox and connects to the flash. With our speedring adapters you can use RFi Softboxes with all Profoto’s flashes and other major flash brands. Pick the right speedring to mount your softbox and you’re ready to shape light.

RFi Speedring

Used to mount RFi Softboxes

OCF Speedring

Used to mount OCF Softboxes and OCF Beauty Dishes
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Photo: Carolina Nikotian

Softgrids, Strip Masks and Flat Front Diffusers

Using Velcro attachments or a simple pull-over technique you can shape your softbox’s already beautiful light into any light you can imagine, in just a few seconds. Soft light, hard light, flattering light, dramatic light – it’s all in your hands.

RFi Softgrid Rectangular

Limits the light spread from your RFi Softbox Rectangular

OCF Softgrid Octa

Limits the light spread from your OCF Softbox Octa

RFi Stripmask

Creates an even narrower highlight from the RFi Softboxes Strip
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