Profoto D1

Shoot with confidence with the D1

With a 7 f-stop power range and short flash duration, the performance of the D1 compares well with many studio packs. And because it’s a compact monolight, it’s also lightweight and all-round. The D1 is a proven, dependable performer that won’t let you down.

  • Fast flash duration
  • Fast recycling time
  • Built in Air - Sync and control from up to 300 m
  • Compatible with 120 light shaping tools
At a glance

Why choose the D1?

A flash that lasts

Launched a few years back and acclaimed for its timeless award winning design, the D1 is still going strong. After several years of field testing, it has proved its durability, precision and reliability beyond any doubt.

Built in Air

The D1 offers Profoto built in Air for remote radio sync and control, providing full control of power, modeling light and triggering up to 300 meters away – all at the click of a button. The D1 works great in combination with Profoto’s AirTTL flashes, use it with your Air Remote or with an Air Remote TTL – both give you sync and manual control of the D1.

Superior performance

Boasting a generous 7 f-stop power range, short flash durations even at high power, and color and energy consistency comparable with that of many studio generators, the D1 proves that superior performance can be delivered in a compact and affordable package.

Shoot with ease, everywhere

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows you to focus on the image in front of you. And setting up takes seconds. Add to that the D1's lightweight design and you have a very portable flash to bring on location.

A kit for every need

Available in 250, 500 and 1000Ws and combined in our popular Basic Kits with two heads, Studio Kits including two or three heads, stands and light shaping tools. All packed in a custom fit bag. The D1 offers one lighting solution for every need.

Explore your light shaping potential

D1 is compatible with over 120 light shaping tools and has a rubber collar that makes it easy to slip them on to fit the head. And that’s not all, because D1 also has several built-in features. The zoom allows you to change the light characteristics of each LST, offering even more creative possibilities. It’s like having several LSTs in one. D1 also has a flat front with an integrated reflector that provides wide even light with high efficiency as well as being very compact and well protected.

A flash that lasts Profoto D1

You know exactly what you’re going to get with D1 the monolight. It’s a solid all-rounder that delivers best-in-class performance time after time, a great step-in monolight. That’s why thousands of satisfied photographers throughout the world rely on it for consistent power, color output and reliability.

With a 7 f-stop power range and short flash duration, its performance stacks up well against many of the high-end studio packs. If you’re looking for a proven, dependable performer that won’t let you down, look no further than the D1.

Photo: Chris Knight

Put your subject in the best light

It's no surprise the D1 is a go-to light in portraiture. It's very versatile providing a wide, even and flattering light, and it's so easy and intuitive to use your focus is on the subject, not the technology.

Our D1s have lit countless portraits around the world from children to captains of industry, from engagement couples to celebrities – there’s literally no genre of portrait the D1 hasn’t illuminated.

The Light Shaper How to create colored shadows on the background

How to create colored shadows on the background

Andreas Belluso shows us how to create colored shadows on a background using D1s and RFi Softboxes
Go behind the scenes Homage to Hollywood

Homage to Hollywood

Chris Knight recreates a Golden Age with cinematic portraits using the D1 and a set of Profoto umbrellas
Go behind the scenes A dramatic photo shoot at the Royal Theatre

A dramatic photo shoot at the Royal Theatre

Klara G shoots a spectacular group portrait using D1s and Umbrella Deep

I need my tools to work, and I need them to work every time. Profoto D1 is dependable.

Chris Knight, photographer
Add ons

Accessorize your D1

The more lighting options you have, the more light shaping control and creativity you have at your disposal. The D1 is part of Profoto’s Air system and offer a range of high-end lighting options, access to more than 120 light shaping tools and premium designed bags to get everything to location quickly and easily.

Air Remote

Control your flashes from your camera, sync several flashes at once at up to 300 meters (1000 ft.) away – Profoto Air Remotes make it all possible.

Air Remote

Syncs and manually controls any Profoto Air light

Air Sync

Syncs any Profoto Air light


Controls Profoto Air lights from a Mac or PC
View all Air Remotes

Light Shaping Tools

Photography is all about controlling and shaping light. Shape the D1’s already beautiful light into any light you can imagine. Soft light, hard light, flattering light, dramatic light – this is how it’s done.

RFi Softbox Rectangular

A popular, versatile softbox

Umbrella Deep White

A versatile and zoomable umbrella for a softer light

Grid 100 mm

5°/10°/20° grids for flat fronted lights
View all recommended lights shaping tools


Custom bags to pack your gear in, stands, flashtubes and glass covers. The bits and pieces that bring it all together.

Flashtube for D1

Standard replacement flashtube for D1

Glass Cover for Flat Front

Dome shaped frosted glass cover for B1, B1X, D1 and D2

Compact Stand

A compact aluminum stand
View all recommended accessories