Profoto 创新和专利 | Profoto (CN)

Profoto 创新和专利

在 Profoto,我们每年在研发方面投入巨资。 我们所有的工程师和软件开发人员都致力于不断为我们的客户设计和创建更加用户友好的创新解决方案。 始终怀揣着同一个目标——提升全球图像创作者的整体性能和用户体验。

每年都会产生许多令我们引以为豪的创新和专利,我们很乐意将其推向市场。 我们坚信永远不会完全满意。 我们始终相信我们可以做得更好—无论是小步前进还是大步前进。 随着时间的推移,我们不断评估和改进我们的产品。

在下面的列表中,我们阐明了已授予的专利和专利申请,这些专利和专利申请涵盖我们的产品并保护 Profotos 在全球范围内的专有知识产权。

Profoto wireless TTL flash technology

Patent no. US: 9917995 & 10455130
Patent no. CN: 105579901B
Patent no. DE: 3047333

This innovation brings superior wireless TTL with the Profoto flashes enabling fast and easy exposure control.

Switched flash discharge electronics

Patent no. US: 9420675
Patent no. CN: 104995999B

This is the core flash Profoto innovation that enabled the superb color and power control from the smallest pop to the biggest bang. This innovation in respect to pervious technology can not just control color and power of the flash, it is also momentarily fast, meaning that flash power from min to max can be released without any delay and with perfect color. This uniqueness in flash control enables Profoto auto TTL power to be color consistent and precise in power.

Super fast flash electronics

Patent no. US: 9426870
Patent no. CN: 104995999B

This innovation enables a unique innovative set up for foil- and electrolyte flash capacitors to enable super fast flash discharge for freezing the fastest motion.

Boosting for HSS

Patent no. US: 10785835
Patent no. CN: 107006109B
Patent no. DE: 3219175

This innovated kick-start to the light before the shutter opens, enables a prediction of the plasma so that also low power HSS flashes can be assed with an unbeatable preciseness of light output control.

Unique flash head identifier

Patent no. US: 10085092
Patent no. CN: 107430317B

This innovative electronical design enabling the Pro pack to identify the head type for maximum performance.

Timer precision electronics

Patent no. US: 10674575
Patent no. CN: 109844635B
Patent no. DE: 3510445

This innovation holds a unique electrical design to exactly control the flash duration for super precise flash discharge time control.

Smartmode in Profoto Camera

Patent no. CN: 112673311B

Innovative Smartmode feature in Profoto Camera app, the feautre enables a combined control of ambient- and flash light in the exposure of the image.

Super smooth speedring assembling

Patent no. US: 10197250
Patent no. CN: 107003590B
Patent no. DE: 3221745

This innovation simplifies the mounting of each rod into the speedring for smooth and quick assembly of a Softbox.

Extended Profoto wireless TTL flash technology

Patent no. US: 10044941 & 10375315
Patent no. CN: 105556384B
Patent no. DE: 3047334

A unique technique to create a flash power variation for multiple flashes in TTL.

Smartphone flash sync via BLE

Patent no. US: 11611691
Patent no. CN: 112673310B

Profoto revolutionary invention, for synchronizing external flashes when capturing images with your phone. This incorporated in the unique flash scheduling method that will preform a synchronization with the capture that never misses.

Flash stand tilt friction mechanism

Patent no. CN: 112673313B

This innovation in the flash stand enables better beam direction control and easy super firm locking that holds even the heaviest light shapers.

Manual Zoom Ring

Patent no. US: 11061300
Patent no. CN: 109521628B
Patent no. DE: 3685227

Innovative and super easy to use zoom ring light control. This innovation grants the user fast and precise beam control of the flash.

Smart Magnetic Mount 

Patent no. US: 11630375
Patent no. CN: 109521629B
Patent pending EP

Thanks to a smart magnetic mount integrated into the head, single or multiple light-shaping modifiers can be clicked on and off quickly and easily. Meaning that within seconds, you'll be working with light, being creative truly shaping it.

Dual LED-Modelling Light

Patent no. US: 11054722
Patent no. CN: 111247482B

A smart artificial and zoomable model light system. This innovation enables the modelling light to mimic the flash light spread in every position to assist the photographer in the creation of light setups. This is the first time ever that this feature is available on an on-camera flash.

Buttonless remote control

Patent pending

An innovative user friendly remote control connection to your flash.

Profoto TTL with Smartphone Camera

Patent no. US: 11825205

This innovative Profoto Camera app enables flash TLL on your phone.

Trigger capture from flash

Patent pending

This innovation enables you to trigger the Profoto Camera app remotely from the test button on the flash.

System for display mirroring

Patent pending

Innovation that enables you to see the flash power on your remote control, flash and app at the same time.

Super robust assembly design

Patent pending

Innovative assembly design for increased robustness in even the smallest flashes.

Quick and effective background removal

Patent no. US: 9729780

This innovation enables a quick and effective shooting for fashion apparel & accessories by automatic background removal.