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Andrew Link Shoots a $500.000 Car with the D1 Monolight

10 三月, 2014

作者: Fredrik Franzén

Andrew Link is a New York-based photographer specializing in shooting expensive cars, celebrities and celebrities in front of expensive cars. A recent shoot involved shooting a $500.000 car with the D1 monolight.

The shoot was done last year in Japan for Rides – a glossy magazine dedicated to custom cars that will make your own wheels want to crawl in and hide under the bed. But Rides didn’t just want one image of one car. They wanted 161 images of 30 cars, of which the most expensive was worth $500.000. That’s enough to make any photographer go nervous. But Andrew pulled it off with style.

The shoot was two years in the planning and involved one Phase One camera with a 80 megapixel back and three D1 monolight powered by two BatPacs. Andrew used 10 & 80 mm lenses for the close ups and a 35 mm lenses for the full car shots and the interior shots.

Head over to Andrew’s website to see more of his work.

作者: Fredrik Franzén