Joe McNally Blogs About TTL, High-Speed Sync and How to Use Lighting Ratios

05 五月, 2017

作者: Fredrik Franzén

You all know who Joe McNally is. But did you know that he recently recorded three video tutorials on how to light?

The first video explores through-the-lens (TTL) metering, the second one explains what light ratios are and how to use them, while the third tutorial shows you the benefits of using High-Speed Sync (HSS) in strong daylight.


The videos were all shot during a single shooting day in downtown Manhattan. Since Joe McNally wanted it all done in one day, speed and flexibility was paramount. The portability of the B1 and B2 made it possible for Joe to change location easily, while the TTL Mode enabled him to get his shots fast and easy. By the end of the day, Joe had produced not only a series of beautiful pictures but also three video tutorials. Not a bad day’s work.


Now, Joe has blogged about his experience. Recommended reading for those of you who have already seen the videos and feel like digging even deeper.

Read Joe’s blog story.

Watch Joe McNally explain TTL, HSS and lighting ratios.




作者: Fredrik Franzén