Snakes in a Studio. In Andrew McGibbon’s Studio, to be exact. | Profoto (CN)
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Snakes in a Studio. In Andrew McGibbon’s Studio, to be exact.

18 七月, 2014

作者: Fredrik Franzén

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Like putting snakes on colored pieces of paper and photograph them slithering away.

That’s what South African photographer Andrew McGibbon did. And the results are awesome.

But Andrew didn’t do it just because it looks cool. He thinks the snake has been given a raw deal and wanted to show the unfairly treated animal in a new light.

“The venomous, cold-blooded rattling, hunting silently and striking suddenly – there is no room to teach that they are simply animals looking to live and defend from attack, when the symbolism is so dark and alluring, says Andrew.

“These images, then, are a result of my attempts to break down our suppositions of the animal. Photographed with warm light on bright colours, I am looking at their enchanting beauty and design, and their vulnerability, as creatures simply existing outside of the buckling pressure of the evil they are meant to represent.”

Well said. Head over to Andrew’s Behance page for the full story.

作者: Fredrik Franzén