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Watch Simeon Quarrie Make a Young Couple’s Dream Come True

25 二月, 2014

作者: Fredrik Franzén

Some people fantasize about their wedding until the day it occurs. If you’re one of them, Simeon Quarrie might be the wedding photographer you’re looking for. Because his images sure do look like dreams come true.

His recent series Released by Love is, by no definition, an exception. On the contrary, it shows Simeon take his signature style to a whole new level. By skillfully balancing the ambient light in a meticulously decorated attic with the light from his D1 monolight and Pro-7b pack, Simeon creates a series of images with a soft, dreamlike beauty. As mentioned before, it looks like someone’s fantasy just came true. And judging from the wedding couple’s reaction, that’s exactly what happened.

“Sometimes you have to just seize the opportunity,” says Simeon in regards to the theme. “Take who or what you want, despite the seeming restrictions from friends, family or a past that can act as an obstacle. Tied. Unavailable. Restricted. However, wanting to be released. Hence the title, Released by Love.”

The final images can be seen in the end of the video. But if you want our advice, watch the entire video from start to finish. It is worth every second of your time.

After that, you should check out Simeon’s website.



作者: Fredrik Franzén