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Discontinued product

This product is discontinued and thus not available for purchase. For more information, please contact us.


StillLight XL 120V Creates large and perfectly even illumination

Product number: 100739

The StillLight is a large, hard-sided light source that provides perfectly even illumination with extremely low fall-off from corner to corner. This makes it perfect for lighting glossy subjects such as metal, glass and jewelry. And because the three flash tubes can be adjusted individually to create precisely controlled graduations, it’s also ideal for product photography in general.


  • Large, perfectly even illumination.
  • Three individually controlled flash tubes.
  • Built-in fan allows continuous use.
  • Optional barndoors available for even more precise light shaping.
  • Powerful modeling light.
  • Capable of producing large quantities of images at a high rate.
  • Can be used with both Pro and D4 packs.