Leo Edwards Brings Profoto B1 to the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo Manthang

09 January, 2015

Written by: Rebecca Ahremark

Are you interested in knowing how Profoto B1 works on location? Award winning photographer Leo Edwards wanted to try them in a real world expedition. He traveled all the way to Lo Manthang, Nepal with two B1’s and six batteries. And here’s what he has to say about them.

There is no doubt after using the B1’s in quite a challenging environment that they do produce stunning light, performed admirably and travelled very well. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone looking for a mobile lighting solution.”, Leo writes in a published story on his blog. 

“As a lighting solution the B1 is a great option, well built, reliable with great light output. You won’t go far wrong if you buy one – just give some thought about how you shoot and how you will place your light.”


Here’s some of the amazing shots that was taken during his expedition.

You should also head over to Leo’s website for more inspiring material and more images from Lo Manthang.









Written by: Rebecca Ahremark