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Light It Up with Profoto

10 May, 2019

Written by: Srishti Digilife

Get yourself ready for an amazing 2-day educational session, and break out of your comfort zone, elevate your skills and broaden your horizons!

Join Geoff Ang as he leads the first Light It Up with Profoto initiative in India with Sandeep MV, Shreyans Dungarwal and Aishwarya Nayak. This intensive 2-day interactive program is a good gateway for young photographers looking to expand their knowledge, get connected with the Profoto Mentors and broaden their horizon. 

Delhi session (Details below) 
Seminar date: 25 June 2019
Time: 10AM to 4.30PM
Earlybird fees: Rs. 3,000.
Usual price is Rs. 5,000
Click here to register. 

Workshop Date: 26 June 2019
Time: 10AM to 5PM
Earlybird fees: Rs. 10,000. 
Usual price is Rs. 12,000

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*Please note that tickets sold will not be refunded after 18 June 2019*

Hyderabad session (Details below) 
Seminar date: 27 June 2019
Time: 10AM to 4.30PM
Earlybird fees: Rs. 3,000.
Usual price is Rs. 5,000
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Workshop Date: 28 June 2019
Time: 10AM to 5PM
Earlybird fees: Rs. 10,000.
Usual price is Rs. 12,000

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*Please note that tickets sold will not be refunded after 20 June 2019*

Seminar Details

Geoff Ang: 5 Most Important Pictures in My Career
With more than 30 years of professional shooting experience, Geoff has created some of the most memorable pictures for major brands. Find out which images are most important to him, and why.

Sandeep MV: Importance of a Collaborative Team
Working in big teams is nothing strange for Sandeep MV. Hear from him on how his journey in fashion photography started, and how a tight, collaborative team, helps him in creating some of his most stunning pictures.

Aishwarya Nayak: Crossing Borders/India and Dubai
Aishwarya splits her time between India and Dubai, shooting for some of the most prominent brands in the region. Find out how she maintains a balance, and how she crossed the border to find shoots in Dubai.

Shreyans Dungarwal: Personal Beauty
Doing personal work is important for every photographer, and Shreyans chose to focus on beauty for it. But why? Hear from Shreyans on his thought process into building a beauty shot, and how these personal works led to more interesting collaborative efforts.

Workshop Details

Sandeep MV, Aishwarya Nayak, Shreyans Dungarwal. Each a master in their own field. Who will you want to learn from in the second day of Light It Up with Profoto? Other than learning from the mentors, Geoff Ang will also be giving a group session in the morning, and after which he will advice in each individual workshop to lend a more robust outlook into each session.

15 pax maximum per mentor workshop

Geoff Ang: Photographer’s Psychology and Why Lighting?
With his years of experience working on sets, Geoff will give an insight into the psychology of photographers and how this impact the shoot. At the same time, Geoff will also talk about lighting, and why it is crucial to have strong fundamentals when it comes to lighting, he will share his method of his madness to his lighting sensibilities…because he believes that be it 1 light or a 100 lights, with a strong foundation you can light anything, and everything!

This session will be conducted as a group to all workshop participants. 

Sandeep MV: Lighting the Set
When most photographers visualize their photos, they think of the model and how to light them in the best possible ways. But in this workshop, Sandeep MV will emphasize the importance of lighting a set, and how it can dictate the mood and add an additional layer of visual interest to your shots.

Sign up for Sandeep's Delhi session here, and Hyderabad session here

Aishwarya Nayak: Basic Fashion Lighting
One light, two lights or three light? Aishwarya will break down essential lighting techniques in this workshop and how you can achieve them with one, two or multiple lights. This session is great for photographers who have limited lighting knowledge and wants to take it a higher level.

Sign up for Aishwarya's Delhi session here, and Hyderabad session here

Shreyans Dungarwal: Crafting Beauty with Light
In this workshop, Shreyans will share with participants how lighting plays a quintessential role in shaping the face for beauty shot, and how he does it. Look beyond the softbox and umbrella, and see how Shreyans craft a beauty shot with unorthodox methods like hard lighting.

Sign up for Shreyans' Delhi session here, and Hyderabad session here

About Geoff Ang
Geoff Ang has a celebrated career as a fashion photographer and now a well-known regional commercial photographer as well as an ambassador for Leica and Profoto but not many knows that he started out as a still life photographer. For a still life photographer, light is one the most crucial element as it is the only substance that brings life to an object. His lighting methods are exquisite and very refined. At times, Geoff can be seen holding up his hand up in the air and let the sun light falls on it and sees how it lights his hand and be mesmerized by it.

See more of Geoff's works over at his website, or follow him on Facebook or Instagram. Geoff was also featured previously on Profoto. 

About Aishwarya Nayak
Aishwarya's straddles between Mumbai and Dubai, where commercial and fashion clients takes to her intricate way of posing, lighting and displaying the pieces in the best possible manner. As an educator, she also educates the young, up-and-coming photographers as well on the trade. 

Aishwarya is also a Canon India mentor. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook

About Shreyans Dungarwal
Shreyans Dungarwal started his career in Hyderabad 8 years ago and is  currently based in Mumbai. He believes that beauty is omnipresent and draws him to be on the lookout for new challenges and constantly achieve new standards for his works.

Shreyans had always been fascinated by people, their cultures and traditions. His works has been featured in and on its covers in magazines like 7HuesMag, Ellements, Elegant, Tulip, You&I, Savvy, Ritz, and various others.

You can check out more of Shreyans' works on his website, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook

About Sandeep MV
After his 9-year stint in the IT industry, Sandeep moved to his true calling: Photography. He is a traveller and loves to capture his journeys through his lens. With a fine eye for portraits, Sandeep loves to surprise his clients with perspectives which only he can pull off. Sandeep opens up instantaneously when he is shooting, and drives the creative content part of Sunburstt

You can see more of Sandeep's works over at his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram

Sandeep was also previously featured on Profoto. 

Written by: Srishti Digilife