Watch 20 Brave Women Fighting a Horrible Disease Forget Their Problems For a Second

07 January, 2014

Written by: Fredrik Franzén

We know were a little late on the ball with this one, but this video is just too heartwarming not too share.

If you haven’t heard it already, here’s the story:

If Only for a Second is a charity project organized by Leo Burnett France and the Mimi Foundation, a Belgian organization working with families affected by cancer. The purpose of the project was to give 20 brave women fighting this terrible disease the opportunity to forget their struggle – if only for a second.  So a team of professional make-up artists and stylists teamed up to give 20 extreme makeovers, including dreads, mullets and fake facial tattoos. The women had to keep their eyes closed during the entire process, and when they finally were allowed to open their eyes again and look themselves in the mirror, photographer Vincent Dixon was there to capture their surprise and that brief moment of carefree joy.

The video above shows the entire process –  from idea to shoot to the applauded exhibition of these astonishing portraits.

Read more about the project and order the photo book that came out of it here.

You should also check out Vincent’s website.

Written by: Fredrik Franzén