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Courses and series

Do I need to own Profoto products to take a course?

No, you can still learn from our courses no matter what equipment you use, even if you don’t own our products.

How do I watch a course video?

You’ll need to purchase a course or series of courses and create an account before you can watch them. Then you’ll need an internet connection to stream the videos.

I’m having a problem viewing a video?

To find the solution, please check the following:

  • Confirm your internet connection
  • Refresh your browser
  • Close and reopen your browser
  • Clear your browser’s cookies and cache
  • Check that flash is enabled for your browser
  • Check if you have a firewall that’s blocking the content

If the above steps don’t resolve your issue, please contact us via the contact form below. Provide the following info:

  • Type of device(s) you’re using
  • Browser and version
  • Course video that you’re experiencing issues with
  • Screenshot of the error, if possible

How do I suggest a learning topic I want to see on Profoto Academy?

We’re always interested in hearing your views and welcome any ideas you have. Please contact us in the contact form below with your suggestion and we’ll try to plan our content accordingly.

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