Repair / Service

Where is my order/repair/ request?
Contact your local Profoto dealer or Profoto service center for status update concerning your service errand. You can find them under profoto.com/find-dealer-or-rental

Sending in your product for repair
You can have your product repaired either by contacting your local Profoto dealer or certified Profoto service center, you can find them under profoto.com/find-dealer-or-rental

Where can I find a certified Profoto service center?
You can find your closest local Profoto service center at profoto.com/find-dealer-or-rental/servicepoint

How much does a service repair cost?
For price information concerning service repairs, contact your local service center https://profoto.com/int/find-dealer-or-rental/servicepoint.

Can I repair my Profoto flash on my own?
Trying to repair or open up/disassemble your Profoto flash could be dangerous to your own life! You should always contact your local dealer or service point for a service or repairs. The warranty will be void if you open your Profoto flash and try to repair it on your own.

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