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강좌 수료 후 강좌 참가자들의 리뷰.
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강좌/시리즈 설명

본 시리즈에 관해

이 시리즈의 동영상에는 한국어 자막이 제공됩니다.

이 시리즈에서 Lindsay는 오늘 당장 시작할 수 있는 간단하면서도 효과적인 테크닉으로 스튜디오 조명 연출을 마스터하는 방법을 알려줍니다. 조명을 설정하고 젤을 창의적으로 활용하여 ‘보케(초점이 맞지 않아 뿌옇게 보이는 효과)’와 같은 고급 기술을 활용하는 뷰티 촬영에 대해 알아보세요. 눈길을 사로잡는 이미지로 패션 촬영에서 진정으로 돋보일 수 있는 비결을 잘 나가는 포토그래퍼에게서 배울 수 있는 좋은 기회입니다. 근사한 이미지 예시를 보고 싶다면 아래 Profoto Academy 시리즈 갤러리를 감상하세요.

조명 기술 단계: 중급

시간: 3시간 6분

배우게 될 내용

Courses in this series

강좌 1

밀착 촬영 - 뷰티 조명

로우키(명부와 암부의 대비가 높은 경우)에서 하이키(어두운 그림자가 거의 강조되지 않는 균일한 밝기)까지 다양한 조명 설정을 통해 뷰티 촬영 테크닉을 업그레이드하는 방법을 발견해 보세요. 

강좌 2

컬러 라이트 쉐이핑 - ‘컬러 젤’로 조명 연출하기

색채학 개론에서 심화 컬러 테크닉까지 탐구해 보세요. 창의적인 방식으로 컬러 젤을 활용하여 놀라운 결과물을 완성할 수 있습니다. 

강좌 3

‘블러’에서 ‘보케’까지 – 창의적인 패션 조명

심화 패션 조명 테크닉을 공부해보세요. 흐릿하고 뿌연 ‘보케’ 효과 등 여러분의 스튜디오 조명에 창의성을 더하는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다.

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주요 정보

본 강좌에 사용하면 유용한 장비와 알아두면 좋은 정보를 소개합니다. 이는 권장 사항일뿐, 요구 사항은 아닙니다.

추천 장비

  • 모델링 라이트를 장착한 오프카메라용 라이트 3개
  • 뷰티 디쉬 또는 유사한 빛 조절 장치 1개
  • 대형 소프트박스 1개
  • ‘플래그’ 또는 빛을 제거하거나 차단하는 장치 1개
  • 빛 조절 장치 3개(예: 그리드, 컬러 젤, 반도어)

유용한 정보

  • 조명 기술 단계: 중급
    • 플래시 조명과 플래시 조명이 이미지에 미치는 영향에 대한 일정 수준의 이해력
    • 어떤 특정한 이미지를 만들어 내기 위해 추가적으로 조명을 연출해 본 경험
  • 카메라 기술 단계: 매뉴얼 모드에서 카메라 편안하게 다루기


Oleg Schenker
15 12월, 2020

The part with movement was especially interesting. It could be applied not only to dress but to any movement in a frame.

Oleg Schenker
15 12월, 2020

I like that Lindsay explained the color combination on a color wheel first. Than, I like the approach of educated experiments she made just during the lesson. It is seen that not everything she wanted turned out well and she made improvements "on-the-go". It is interesting to follow her way of thoughts and experiments. It is well provoking to experiment on you own.

Oleg Schenker
14 12월, 2020

This course assumes that attendant already know qualities of lights like invert square law etc. But it actually makes sense to add some primary about physics of light.

11 1월, 2021

I think the lightning techniques in this course were very uninspiring, and something I wish I hadnt paid money for. Expected a lot more.... :(

mohammad ahmad
10 9월, 2020

Lindsay is just an Artist :)

Mohammad Alsheikh
09 9월, 2020

It's really perfect ! Thank you too much

Jim Carpenter
02 9월, 2020

Learned a lot of simple but very effective lighting and retouch technique

10 9월, 2020


28 8월, 2020

In the meantime I found the step-by-step PDF. So I would recommend to place a note at the beginning of the course that the PDF will be available at the finish sector of the course.

Jesse McKinnon
15 9월, 2020

Great course. I wish it was longer!!

Jesse McKinnon
04 9월, 2020

great for learning!!

28 8월, 2020

Could not find the mentioned step-by-step PDF

Jesse McKinnon
05 9월, 2020

Not long enough

22 7월, 2020

Demonstrated the steps and clearly explained what each change did and how it affected the different shots and looks.

01 7월, 2020

Lindsay is a very good instructor. The course was very good and I learned some added steps as a photographer.

24 6월, 2020

some information was repetetive and unnecessary

Nate Peterson
13 5월, 2020

The only thing I question is why on a Profoto class you would feature the Profoto Spot Small (I think that's the name) when that modifier is no longer available. In other words, please re-release that into production. Thank you!

Gabriel von Kunnert Photography
11 5월, 2020

Instructor spoke exceedingly clearly and well! Easy to follow, well-produced and logically paced course. Loved it!

Chami Perera
05 5월, 2020

I like the couse but i would like to see how she doged and burned the image.

Paul Flaherty
06 4월, 2020


Bianka Jaimes
10 3월, 2020

i think this course is absolutely great cant wait to post my material

22 3월, 2020

The course provides some interesting ideas while discussing the two light setups, but I was also expecting some more technical contents (e.g., discussing more in depth the beauty dish properties).

Marcello Scrofani
18 1월, 2020

Nice and simple

Gerald Adelsgruber
28 12월, 2019

Good to get inspired to leave the comfort zone and try something new

Anthony Falsarella
22 11월, 2019

It was a great course to give you some creative ideas not only in composition, but also shaping the lighting to create something artistic and unique.

Barend Houtsmuller
10 12월, 2019

The creativity of Lindsay is great in this video, she explains very well

10 11월, 2019

Very informative

01 1월, 2020

Did not show any retouching detail, just name of retouching actions.

19 9월, 2019

I like how the course explained.

Michael Jordon
04 7월, 2019

Always happy to learn from the Brand Ambassadors, keeps learning on point.

Scott F.
13 6월, 2019

Fantastic course....extremely helpful and straight forward...thanks Lindsay

Alejandro Navas
26 4월, 2019

Yes, I’d definitely recommend this course to fellow photographers at all skill levels. Lindsay Adler’s style of teaching is clear and very motivating. I look forward to applying the techniques from these sessions.

13 4월, 2019

Excellent course, full of ideas but also very practical: suit real-life situations and doesn't require huge quantities of kit.

Stewart Copeland
09 4월, 2019

Great course, easy to follow and expertly presented.

07 3월, 2019

01 2월, 2019

Was hoping to see more detail in the Postproduction video.

Omar Aziz
07 12월, 2018

أسلوب البوكيه المعروض فيه هذا الدرس جميل جداً ويختصر الكثير من المعدات.

Troy Wayrynen (PicturesbyTroy.com)
25 11월, 2018

Terrific video with lots of detail about how to create lighting effects using gels and grids, as well as positioning lights for different effects. I really enjoyed this video and learned a lot watching it.

Cesar Rosales
12 11월, 2018

Excellent. To the point, no time wasted and great tips from the instructor.

Daniel Boyce
29 10월, 2018

I really have nothing to add. This was an amazing course that really improved some aspects of planning my photoshoots.

14 10월, 2018

Amazing techniques, tips and sets up

15 10월, 2018

could have used more lighting combinations ..

05 10월, 2018

Lindsey is not just great at shooting at editing: she's a natural at teaching! It's a pleasure watching her and learning from her. She's even more specific and clear than any professor I had back in college.

Bill Barbosa
05 10월, 2018

Outstanding course, lindsay is exceptional

Zef Markaj
04 10월, 2018

She is just an amazing teacher. The same course given by somebody else wouldnt stick into the brains of the students so much as with her. I also thought she was the best at scott kelby

Sean Galland
05 10월, 2018

Very informative and easy to follow! Recommended.

Frank Nyame
05 10월, 2018

Amazing ! The low key lighting was a real eye opener , also i'm definitely going to try retouching with localized dodge and burn.

Raoul Randriamaholy / france
09 9월, 2018

Thank you for all. Later i will practice and send you somes pictures. perfect lessons

10 10월, 2018

The course itself was interesting but I feel the price is a bit high considering the length of the videos. I'm keen to watch the full series but the cost puts me off. Perhaps if the certification was a more prominent value add I'd be more keen.

Raoul Randriamaholy / south of France (cannes)
29 8월, 2018

i am really feel this course very interesting: all i need to know is explained clearly. But i would like to know the cameras settings.

04 11월, 2018


24 8월, 2018


18 4월, 2018

Lindsay is an awesome instructor with so much knowledge about lighting.

Michael Jordon
06 4월, 2018

I think anyone with limited space (myself) can create interesting images with gels. They bring a new dimension to a photograph that can constantly change based upon the creativity of the photographer.

15 5월, 2018

I liked where it was going and love Lindsay's work but it's a little short and light on content for the price.

Christian Lee
05 4월, 2018

The detailed explanation describing the effect of movement within the image was very helpful. All points were covered clearly and the presentation was interesting as well as educational. Very well done.

Christian Lee
04 4월, 2018

The varied placement of the gels combined with the step by step instruction, made this course interesting and easy to follow.

Michael Jordon
30 3월, 2018

I asked Profoto about year ago for "certification", you answered my thoughts and now I am proud to be part of this Academy, which is helping me improve my lighting skills

Martin Drazsky
15 5월, 2018

(1) Please make the episodes downloadable. I have purchased a number of instruction video courses from different sources, at similar prices to yours, and all of them allow downloads. (2) For the price, I would expect some extra episodes. (3) Lindsay is a good instructor but she talks all the time, often repeats herself, from the same camera angle. After a while, the style becomes a bit tiresome - I watched before going to bed and couldn't force my eyes open after a while. (4) Having said the above, I like the content and the ideas presented and I look forward to the next episodes, as long as you provide a very meaningful discount.

Viktoriya Gladkikh
14 3월, 2018

Please,specify the power of mono blocks at arrangement them in the scheme

Antuna manu
12 3월, 2018

A great course, given with much details and pedagogy.

Jason Largever NCubed Photography LLC
12 3월, 2018

Informative. Enlightening. Helpful to bring my shooting to next level.

NCubed Photography
23 2월, 2018

Great ideas from a first class photographer. I will put ideas I learned to use! Stand by!

Stephen Muller
11 3월, 2018

Just starting to use gels with Profoto B2 Location kit and found this to be very informative. I see this being useful for both beginners and experienced photographers. Well put together Lindsay! Wish I had purchased the series for some feedback.

Film Tang
08 3월, 2018

I have a little subjection is the video could make a caption.

31 1월, 2018

I loved how simple the lighting setup can be. So much creativity at our hands.

Robert Boyer
18 3월, 2018

Again I felt this was a bit too basic to be categorized as "intermediate". Really not a ton of stuff here that's useful to people that have worked with lighting gear before. I'd LOVE to see someone like Miguel Jacob do something on the same subject matter and a bit more useful beyond the very basics.

Robert Boyer
18 3월, 2018

A reasonable course but much more basic than I expected. I would say it's perfect for anyone that's not at all familiar with strobes/lighting/etc. I think the "intermediate" category specified is a bit overstated. I think it should be described much more towards the very basic end of the spectrum. I really didn't get anything out of it at all and I consider myself "intermediate". Would love to see something targeted more towards photographers that are already familiar with studio lighting, etc. I think it's SUPER STRANGE that a Profoto product that has been discontinued for quite some time is featured as well. (The spot small for the flat front lights)

06 2월, 2018

a little short

08 2월, 2018

Great info but not too much additional compared to readily available in YouTube. Too costly.

Manu Antuna
12 3월, 2018

I have tried, following Lindsay's advices and trying to add a personal touch to this kind of images and it works perfectly, thanks Profoto and Linsay for providing us such great lessons with much pedagogy.

본 시리즈 내 강좌들

총 3부작 중 1부 밀착 촬영 - 뷰티 조명

밀착 촬영 - 뷰티 조명

로우키(명부와 암부의 대비가 높은 경우)에서 하이키(어두운 그림자가 거의 강조되지 않는 균일한 밝기)까지 다양한 조명 설정을 통해 뷰티 촬영 테크닉을 업그레이드하는 방법을 발견해 보세요. 더 읽어보기
총 3부작 중 2부 컬러 라이트 쉐이핑 - ‘컬러 젤’로 조명 연출하기

컬러 라이트 쉐이핑 - ‘컬러 젤’로 조명 연출하기

색채학 개론에서 심화 컬러 테크닉까지 탐구해 보세요. 창의적인 방식으로 컬러 젤을 활용하여 놀라운 결과물을 완성할 수 있습니다. 더 읽어보기
총 3부작 중 3부 ‘블러’에서 ‘보케’까지 – 창의적인 패션 조명

‘블러’에서 ‘보케’까지 – 창의적인 패션 조명

심화 패션 조명 테크닉을 공부해보세요. 흐릿하고 뿌연 ‘보케’ 효과 등 여러분의 스튜디오 조명에 창의성을 더하는 방법을 배울 수 있습니다. 더 읽어보기
강사 소개
Lindsay Adler
Lindsay는 Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle와 같은 주요 잡지의 에디토리얼 사진을 촬영하는 일류 패션 전문 포토그래퍼다. 깔끔하고 대담하며 생생한 스타일로 유명한 그녀는 남들에게 지식을 공유하는 것도 즐긴다. 그래서 그녀는 실력 있는 강사이자 전 세계 사진 업계에서 인기 있는 연사 중 한 명으로 꼽힌다.
강사 소개

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay는 Marie Claire, InStyle, Elle와 같은 주요 잡지의 에디토리얼 사진을 촬영하는 일류 패션 전문 포토그래퍼다. 깔끔하고 대담하며 생생한 스타일로 유명한 그녀는 남들에게 지식을 공유하는 것도 즐긴다. 그래서 그녀는 실력 있는 강사이자 전 세계 사진 업계에서 인기 있는 연사 중 한 명으로 꼽힌다.

촬영에 사용된 Profoto 제품

본 시리즈를 익히기 위해 Profoto 제품을 직접 소유할 필요는 없습니다. 하지만 혹시 관심이 있으신 분들을 위해, 촬영에 사용된 제품들을 소개합니다.

Profoto B1X

Profoto D2

Softlight Reflector White

Softlight Reflector Silver

RFi Softbox Rectangular

Collapsible Reflector Silver/White

OCF Color Effects Gel Pack

Grid 180 mm

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시리즈와 강좌는 어떻게 다른가요?

시리즈는 동일한 포토그래퍼가 진행하는 강좌 2~3개로 구성됩니다. 시리즈를 구입하면 전체 패키지를 한 묶음으로 제공 받는 혜택을 누릴 수 있습니다. 또한, 시리즈를 수료하면 Profoto 강사 가운데 한 명으로부터 개별 맞춤 피드백을 받을 수 있으며, ‘전문 라이트 쉐이퍼’가 됩니다.

강좌를 수강하려면 Profoto 제품을 개인 소장해야 하나요?

아닙니다. Profoto Academy의 모든 강좌는 사용 중인 장비와 상관없이 촬영 스킬을 향상시키기 위해 개발되었습니다.

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