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Neoshoot uses studio automation to support Corsican clients

22 3월, 2023

작성자: Annabelle Plueckthun

Born out of the need for convincing e-commerce content, Neoshoot is Corsica’s first visual content creation studio. Founded in November 2021, the studio is fully equipped with Profoto’s automated solutions Eclipse, Horizontal, Vertical, and Live. We spoke to Neoshoot’s Manager and Creative Director, Grace Vezillier, about the studio’s business model and how she and her team support Corsican merchants in launching their businesses online.


Supporting Corsican retailers in kickstarting their e-commerce platforms

Located on the beautiful East coast of Corsica, France, Neoshoot is the Island’s first photo and video studio for e-commerce content creation. With Corsica being home to a big network of multi-brand retailers, the idea to launch Neoshoot originated during the first lockdown in January 2020. Until then, most Corsican merchants didn’t have a webshop as they weren’t able to produce convincing visual content for e-commerce. In November 2021, Grace founded the novel studio concept in Corsica, offering full-service e-commerce content creation or self-service bookings by day or hour.



Capturing e-commerce content for up to 300 products a day

Grace and her team shoot between 100 and 300 products daily depending on the customer’s content needs and the Profoto system used. ‘In less than a day, the article can be received, shot, and posted online,’ states Grace. The studio team shoots everything from fashion, shoes, and accessories to beauty products and even frozen food items. Customers come from all over Corsica, with MyCompañero being the biggest, shooting around 5300 products in the studio since its launch.


Overcoming content creation challenges with an efficient studio workflow

The Neoshoot team uses all four automated Profoto solutions to create photo and video content for e-commerce. To help customers stay competitive in international markets, the team set up an efficient studio workflow right from the start. ‘Thanks to the training we’ve received from Profoto, we managed to set up a great workflow right from the company's launch,’ says Grace. ‘We now reach between 1200 and 1500 products per customer per week.’



Profoto solutions convince with unmatched efficiency

‘Clients and prospects are amazed by the efficiency of our equipment, especially the ease of use,’ says Grace. ‘In one year, we realize around 5000 PDPs for MyCompañero. From receiving the product to shooting, creating the product description, and uploading the item online.’ Grace is a big fan of the innovative, user-friendly design of Profoto solutions enabling her team and customers to produce high-end content with minimum effort. Thanks to positive word of mouth from existing users, Grace and her team quickly grew their customer base: ‘Once customers take the plunge into using our services, they’re positively surprised and quickly become regular customers.’



Growing the studio around Live and expanding to new markets

With an outlook on the next five to ten years, Grace is ambitious to further develop the studio around shooting with models. As there’s currently no modeling agency in Corsica, Grace aims to open her own agency to facilitate easy and efficient model content creation for her customers. For the Neoshoot team, investing in additional automated solutions is a no-brainer: ‘We’d like to reach customers in a broader scope and not be limited to the island only. We aim to expand the studio and acquire more automated systems in the future.’ Connecting merchants with a network of models to facilitate content production models

작성자: Annabelle Plueckthun

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