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Profoto brightens the world of Leica with new Connect Pro

12 1월, 2023

Leica photographers have Profoto at the top of their list for quality flash lighting, but haven’t been able to access TTL and HSS. Until now. Through a new collaboration, Leica photographers can for the first time explore the full force of the Profoto system, adding industry leading lighting versatility to its palette of options.

The heritage of Leica has impacted generations of photographers, and now opening the door to industry leading TTL and HSS is a natural progression in the brand’s constant strive for perfection. With the Profoto Connect Pro’s intent of reducing and simplifying, the match between Leica and Profoto is obvious.

The Profoto Connect Pro is a must-have for photographers relying on simplicity and consistency when shooting in the field. With clear and intuitive controls, the sleek transmitter is a reliable companion in varied light where proven TTL and HSS can speed up workflows and even save the day.

The Connect Pro needs no manual, just put it in the hot-shoe and fire away. Fine tune the power setting in absolute numbers on the go, and get the results you’re after. Profoto’s AirX technology tailor’s workflow to the situation - as the information on the Connect Pro is mirrored through the Profoto Control app for smartphones or tablets. And with up to 100 available channels, there’s enough fire power for any size job.

Leica cameras SL2 and SL2-S have full compatibility (TTL and HSS) with the new Profoto Connect Pro from start, with more models to be added during the year. The Connect Pro can be used with other Leica cameras in manual mode, without TTL and HSS.

Profoto products will also be available for purchase in selected Leica stores worldwide.

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