Profoto and Nikon announce collaboration | Profoto (KR)
Press release

Profoto and Nikon collaboration results in compatibility with new Nikon Z 9 camera from day 1

22 12월, 2021

Profoto and Nikon recently announced their collaboration to bring further improved functionality for professional photographers. Already, only a few weeks later, the collaboration has been fruitful.

"Profoto is extremely pleased to collaborate with Nikon. And we are happy to announce that Profoto lights and Nikon Z 9 will be compatible from day 1, which we hope many professional photographers will appreciate and enjoy,” says Anders Hedebark, CEO of Profoto.

Light is the essence of every image, and with Profoto AirTTL, light shaping becomes simpler. It unlocks new creative possibilities and helps you go from idea to final image faster. 

The unique Profoto AirTTL revolutionized the way photographers worked when it was first announced in November 2013. Profoto enables a lean workflow by making it possible to wirelessly integrate and truly merge your camera with your flash, thus empowering photographers to be more creative and focus less on settings.

This gives Nikon users full access to the complete Profoto lineup. Dedicated Profoto Nikon branded products: Air Remote TTL-N, Profoto Connect-N, and Profoto A10-N are available at dealers and rentals around the world.