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Michael Corsentino Tests the B1 Off-camera Flash for Resource Magazine

12 11월, 2013

작성자: Fredrik Franzén

One of the very first field tests of the B1 off-camera flash has dropped, courtesy of San Fransisco-based wedding photographer Michael Corsentino and Resource Magazine.

Michael brought two B1 off-camera flashes, an Air Remote TTL-C and two Beauty Dishes with him to Brooklyn, New York, to, as he eloquently puts it, “create magic with these game-changing lights.”

“There are so many things to love about the B1!” he writes. “First and foremost – TTL (through the lens metering) on a robust 500 watt second head. TTL does the heavy lifting for you, determining a rock solid exposure on the fly, allowing you to simply set up your lights and shoot. This means you can work intuitively without metering or worrying about technical issues. If you are technically inclined, no worries, the B1 has a full Manual Mode feature set as well. Profoto calls the B1 an Off-Camera Flash because it fills the void between handheld flashes and Monolights. By any name it’s a first of it’s kind and definitely a welcome addition. It would take approximately 10 Speedlights to equal the output of 1 B1 and Monolights don’t have TTL. Enter the B1!”

Head over to Resource Magazine’s website for the full story. You should also check out Michael’s website.

작성자: Fredrik Franzén