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OCF Light Shaping Tools

What is the difference between OCF and OCF II?
OCF and OCF II light shapers are parts of the same line-up of portable on-location light shapers. OCF II marks the second generation of a few tools in the line-up. For examples, the OCF II Snoot is replacing OCF Snoot and OCF II Barndoor is replacing OCF Barndoor. The second generation has been redesigned for even easier use on location.

How do OCF Light Shaping Tools differ from the standard Light Shaping Tools?
The OCF Light Shaping Tools are extra small, super portable and tailor-made for fast and easy on-location photography. 

What OCF Light Shaping Tools are there?
At this point, there are OCF Grid Kit, OCF Snoot, OCF Barndoors, four OCF Softboxes OCF Speedring, and the new OCF II Grid & Gel Kit, OCF II Snoot, OCF II Barndoor, OCF II Gels, OCF II Grids and OCF II Gel Ring. 

Can I use the family of OCF Light Shaping Tools on all Profoto flashes?
Most OCF light shapers are restricted to only be used on Profoto flashes with LED modelling light and a flash rating up to 500Ws due to heat consideration. The only exceptions from these restrictions are the metal OCF Magnum and OCF Zoom reflectors. OCF light shapers do not fit onto A1/A1X or C1/C1Plus flashes. 

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