How to create highlights on a cocktail glass | Profoto (KR)

How to create highlights on a cocktail glass

26 5월, 2020

작성자: Profoto

For a smartphone photographer, creating highlights in glass can be both difficult and tricky. But it doesn't have to be. Sometimes, all you need is a Profoto C1 Plus, some creativity and of course a nice cocktail glass. Here is how you can create highlights using just one flash.

Step 1. Place a Profoto C1 Plus behind the cocktail glass. 

Step 2. 
In order to create the rim light effect on both sides, fold two white papers and play around to find the perfect angle and position for them. 

Step 3. 
To avoid any light from the light source hitting the glass, add a black flag between the C1 Plus and the glass. In this case a black iPhone case was used.

Step 4. 
Use your phone to trigger the flash using the Profoto camera app. 

If you want to be even more creative, you can create a reflective surface from the glass by placing one cocktail glass on top of another cocktail glass, turned upside down. This will create a mirroring effect. 

작성자: Profoto