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Globus uses Profoto for luxury e-commerce content creation

19 March, 2024

Written by: Annabelle Plueckthun

Swiss luxury multi-brand retailer Globus uses Profoto StyleShoots systems to create high-quality content of its products with speed and ease. We talked to the Globus studio team and got exclusive insights into the content creation processes behind the Swiss institution. Read on to find out how Globus scaled up its e-commerce “Fotostudio” to stay ahead of the Swiss luxury market.

“I would never go back to a traditional setup as we fasten our process, like three times.”

– Valentina Milici, Studio Manager at Globus

Profoto systems help the team produce content three times faster

Recently, Globus underwent a transformation into the world of automated content creation. At the heart of this transformation and the retailer’s new-found success lies the partnership with Profoto. "For the past three years, we have been utilizing the StyleShoots machines, and I would never go back to a traditional setup as we fasten our process, like three times,” says Studio Manager Valentina Milici.

The Globus team managed to streamline their studio processes, enabling market leadership in Switzerland. “We were always basically the latest in Switzerland with novelties online. And today, I can proudly say we are the fastest,” states Valentina. Instead of working with a big production team, the on-site photographer is in charge of setting up modular lights and automated systems. Once everything is running, stylists take over the shoot bays. “We just work with stylists. They use the iPad and the machine, and it’s much faster than having two people. So we manage to be very very quick with bringing the product online,” explains Valentina.

Valentina Milici, Studio Manager Globus

Valentina Milici, Studio Manager Globus

Consistent content is crucial for Globus

The team around Valentina works with Vertical, Live, Eclipse, and Elevate to shoot consistent content for their online shop in a streamlined manner. “Especially with the accessories. Eclipse, it's a very good machine to have this consistency and this good quality in the online shop."

Shooting with an automated setup saves the studio team a significant amount of time that can be used for more creative setups. Valentina emphasizes the consistency achieved with Profoto's technology, setting a new standard for showcasing products on the Globus webshop. “We try to show the products in the same ways so that they always have the same way of the pictures. And this we can only reach today because of the StyleShoots machines. With a traditional setup, it’s much more difficult to reach this result. You need much more time.”


Flexible, creative content creation with Profoto Elevate

Giacomo Saravalli, Stylist Coordinator at Globus, sheds light on the expanded scope of the studio team’s content creation and the transformative impact of Profoto technology. “With Profoto Elevate, I think it can be more flexible regarding the lights. You have the chance to use different lights and different flashes, and this gives the pictures a more sharp quality. And also, you can choose yourself which flash you prefer to use or turn off one light or the other," explains Giacomo.

Giacomo Saravalli, Stylist Coordinator Globus

The team around Valentina is always on the lookout for better technology to develop the studio and bring it to another level. According to Giacomo, Elevate would simplify more creative shoots for the studio team: "We had a chance to use Elevate, and my impression is that it will be a really great increment to the studio if we would like to start with creative projects.”

Video content to convey a luxurious touch and feel

“We use video technology at Globus because we think it gives the customers a 360-degree view of the whole experience,” states Giacomo. Providing product videos on the PDPs enables shoppers to better understand what they’re buying, which can boost sales and lower return rates. With Elevate, videos and pictures can be taken with the same setup without any hassle or changing sets. Once the photographer sets up the system, it can be used by anyone in the studio, streamlining the content creation process. “We don’t need a photographer or videographer anymore,” states Giacomo. “We can manage pictures and also videos on our own.”

Profoto supports the studio team with efficiency, flexibility, and enhanced quality, which aligns perfectly with Globus' commitment to excellence. Dynamic and innovative technology enables Globus to stay ahead of the competition and to shape the future of luxury online retail.



Written by: Annabelle Plueckthun

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