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Where to buy Profoto C1

Below you can see a list of dealers that stock Profoto C1 & C1 Plus at launch.

If you can’t find dealers in your country in the list below, please check the list of global dealers at profoto.com/int/info/c1-where-to-buy

Shopmoment.com USA
Samy's Camera Orange County, USA
Samy's Camera Pasadena, USA
Samy's Camera Culiver City, USA
Samy's Camera San Fransisco, USA
Samy's Camera Los Angeles , USA
Procam Detroit, USA
Procam Chicago, USA
Procam Cincinnati, USA
Foto Care NY, USA
Focus NY, USA
Dodd Camera Chicago, USA
Dodd Camera Cleveland, USA
Dodd Camera Avon, USA
Dodd Camera Cincinnati, USA
Competitive Camera USA
B&H Photo Video NY, USA
AVC Photo Miami, USA
Kenmore Camera Kemore, USA
Adorama NY, USA

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