Magic Mannequin II | Profoto (US)

Efficient mannequin photography at scale

Designed for high-quality, high-volume mannequin photography, Magic Mannequin II is made from lightweight Piocelan and weighs less than a liter bottle of water. Made with stylists in mind, the mannequins are incredibly easy to handle, pinnable, and optimized in shape, allowing for a streamlined styling workflow with minimal need for post-production.

Increase your daily content output

Style flowy blouses or button-down shirts with ease. Piocelan is a pinnable hybrid foam material that’s lightweight, robust, and easy to handle.

Consistent high-quality packshots

Magic Mannequin II features magnetically removable arms and repeatable arm positions, enabling consistent pro-quality packshot creation at scale.

Get your products online faster

Optimized in shape and with removable necklines, Magic Mannequin II allows for quick styling and requires minimal post-production.

Seamless compatibility with our automated systems

Visual content creation your way

Female Torso

The mannequin's magnetically removable arms support a streamlined styling workflow, allowing for easy dressing and undressing of the mannequin. The torso also features various removable necklines to minimize the need for post-production.

Female Legs

The female leg set comes with both a high and a low waist, enabling you to photograph a wide array of clothing styles. To easily dress and style jeans, pants, or skirts, the mannequin legs can be hung into Profoto StyleShoots Vertical or positioned on a Caddy.

Male Torso

Magnetically removable arms and easily repeatable arm positions enable consistent content creation with ease. Various removable necklines allow for a streamlined styling process, minimal post-processing, and fast turnaround times.

Male Legs

The Magic Mannequin II Male legs come in size W32 and with both a high and a low waist set to optimally cater to your styling needs. Connect the legs to your Profoto StyleShoots Vertical or Caddy to ensure a speedy dressing and styling process.

Discover our Magic Mannequin II

Discover our Magic Mannequin II

The perfect mannequins for a streamlined content creation workflow.

I can remove the mannequin torso with one hand and put the legs in place with the other. That saves me so much time in the styling process!

Irma Veelo