OCF Adapter - One tool countless possibilities | Profoto (US)
Press Release

OCF Adapter - One tool countless possibilities

11 November, 2020

They say big things come in small packages, and Profoto's new OCF Adapter certainly proves that point. Because ever since Profoto launched the Profoto A1 back in 2017, users have wanted to experiment with light and light shaping more than ever. And while the modifiers that complimented the A1 offered many creative possibilities; Profoto customers craved more.

As a result, Profoto has created the ingenious OCF Adapter. It's ingenious because for the very first-time users can take advantage of Profoto's entire range of OCF light shaping tools with their A-Series Flashes. That is more than 50 different types of modifiers.

Suddenly the ambitious photographer has all the tools at hand to turbocharge their creativity. They can create soft light on the go with Profoto's range of OCF softboxes. They can create a soft and silky fashion-style light with Profoto's range of OCF Beauty Dishes. They can isolate the light to a particular area of the image with Profoto OCF Grids - and so much more.