Introducing the "Fundamentals of lighting" from Profoto Academy | Profoto (US)

Introducing the "Fundamentals of lighting" from Profoto Academy

17 May, 2018

Written by: Steve Hanratty

David is an internationally renowned photographer who has shot some of the world's most famous faces and worked with some of the world's most famous brands — Renault, IKEA, Electrolux, Sony Eriksson, Mastercard, McDonald's, SAS and TV4 — to name but a few. Ultimately, however, David is a teacher and an evangelist. He's passionate about spreading the good word, and the good word is “light.”

David believes that photography is the point where science and practical application meet. “Understand the principles of light and light shaping,” David says, “and you have all you need to take your creativity to another level.” 

Very soon, we will set David’s knowledge free with the release of our next Profoto Academy series "Fundamentals of lighting." Here is your chance to get a first glance of what you can learn in the courses.

Get your preview of the course series "Fundamentals of lighting" from David Bicho

All three video courses are designed to educate, inspire and to be fun. And most of all, they will provide aspiring photographers with valuable insights they can start using right away.

Written by: Steve Hanratty