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How to Light a Horse With a Beauty Dish

27 January, 2015

Written by: Rebecca Ahremark

The Softlight Reflector White, also known as The Beauty Dish is very popular when it comes to beauty and fashion shots. It offers an even light with crisp definition and contrast. For this shoot, photographer Marco Joe Fazio wanted to try something different and decided to use it on three four-footed models.

In a recent published story on his blog, Marco talks about the photo shoot he called “Proud Horse Portraits”, where he shot three beautiful horses owned by Miss Kayley Lanston. “Every production on location is always a challenge, but having as models three four-footed friends is definitely something that require extra attention and a careful planning.”, says Marco



The shoot was taken place in the Kent countryside, in front of an old barn nearby. When all the horses were in place they were ready to start shooting. Marco used a Profoto B1 equipped with a Softlight Reflector (Beauty Dish) as key light, to enhance the shape and the features of the horse’s heads. He used another B1, equipped with a Softbox RFi 1×6′ for fill light to illuminate the whole horse’s body. He also added a blue gel on the fill light to enhance the natural hue of the metal fence in the background. Finally he used a third B1 with a WideZoom Reflector on the side/back and used it as rim light on the horse’s rear.

Head over to his blog to see the rest of the story.

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Written by: Rebecca Ahremark