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Muse Muse Travels Light Through Europe With the B1 Off-Camera Flash

16 February, 2015

Written by: Sasha Hallin

Wedding photographer Muse Muse travels from Hong Kong to the Swiss Alps to the carnivals in Venice and further on to Paris with a B1 Off-Camera Flash and a Magnum Reflector as his most trusted traveling companions. Join him on his trip in this beautiful, sun kissed video.

A lot of people have welcomed the concept of traveling light. Using Profoto, you could say that Muse Muse is one of them.

Equipment-wise, the Hong-Kong based wedding photographer brought nothing but his Canon camera, an Air Remote TTL-C and a B1 Off-Camera Flash with a Magnum Reflector with him on his trip through Europe. This lightweight lighting solution allowed him to travel with ease all the way from his hometown to the bright sun at 2,300 m above sea level in Switzerland, with a pit stop on a volcano cliff sunset in Santorini, further on to shooting mysterious masquerades in the shadowed alleys of Venice without any hassle, eventually ending up shooting young couples in the city of love – Paris.



The trip resulted in a number of gorgeous pictures, each shot in a totally different location and in totally different lighting conditions. The B1 was consequentially used in slightly different ways depending on what challenge Muse Muse faced on set.

But one thing remained constant throughout the trip: Muse Muse needed a lot of light. The sun shone brightly in the Alps, it was strong and harsh on the volcanic mountainside in Greece, strong over the streets of Paris, etc. A speedlight would not suffice. But the B1 Off-Camera Flash’s 500Ws of power did the job. But just to be on the safe side, Muse Muse added a Magnum Reflector, which practically adds another f-stop of light to the equation.

Watching this short recap of Muse Muse’s trip, we can say only two things. First of all, it’s amazing what almost otherworldly beauty you can create with just the sun and a single flash. Secondly, we are as of today counting the days until we have enough time off to go on our own trip through Europe with our cameras and flashes in our backpacks.


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Gear list:
1 x Air Remote TTL-C
1 x B1 500 AirTTL
1 x Magnum Reflector





Written by: Sasha Hallin