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On A Faraway Beach With Sandra Åberg & The New Profoto Umbrella Deep

06 October, 2014

Written by: Rebecca Ahremark

Six new umbrellas have been added to the growing family of Profoto umbrellas. The new umbrellas are unique in that they are small and lightweight yet deep and parabolic. Photographer Sandra Åberg has tried out the medium version. Here is her story.

Sandra Åberg shoots fashion. And weddings. Sometimes one at a time, sometimes both at once.

When I first started, people told me I couldn’t do both. They told me you have to choose. But you should never tell me what I can or cannot do because then I just have to prove that I can do it!

“So, now I’m a fashion and a wedding photographer. Some call it Bridal Couture, which I kind of like.

Sandra enjoys the variation. It keeps her on her toes, she says.

“The fashion photography aspect brings such creative freedom. It’s something I’m very passionate about. The wedding photography, on the other hand, is very much about capturing a special moment or an event. But I do my best to be creative here too. If possible, I want my wedding shots to be like a bridal editorial, telling the story of the couple and their undying love.”



In terms of lighting, Sandra knows what she likes.

“I tend to go for a soft, natural and romantic kind of light. I also shoot a lot against sunlight or with a strong backlight. It gives the image a dreamy feel that I like. The real world is dark enough as it is. I might as well try to add some light and romance to it.”

Even though Sandra’s images look effortless and natural, she usually uses some sort of tool to enhance the feel she is going for.

“A lot of people think I shoot with only the available light. But that’s not true. Most of my shots are done with Profoto lights. You just don’t see it. And the reason why you don’t see it is because I like it like that. I want my light to be soft, natural and underplayed.”

To achieve this effect, Sandra uses a variety of available light sources, flashes and Light Shaping Tools.

“I love to shoot outdoors in the sun. You don’t see me in the studio very often. Shooting outdoors in nature is what inspires me the most. If the sun is shining, I want to take advantage of that.




“Then I have my new favorite tool: the Profoto B1 off-camera flash. It has TTL, it’s powerful and it’s battery-powered, and the light that it creates is just beautiful. Sunshine and a B1, I’d say that they are the ideal conditions for creating the look I want.”

“When it comes to Light Shaping Tools, I tend to use a softbox or an umbrella. Like I said, I want a soft and subtle light. I don’t like it when the light sources are too apparent.”

Most of the shots you see here were shot during an assignment at Knabackshusen in Southern Sweden. It’s a quiet little beach resort. Sandra describes it as “the Thailand of Sweden” and the look and feel she was going for was in the same vein: carefree, summery and romantic.



Sandra brought a Profoto B1 Location Kit to Knabackshusen. The kit includes two B1 off-camera flashes, two batteries, one Fast Charger and one Car Charger. She also brought some Light Shaping Tools, namely the brand new Profoto Umbrella Deep M. Umbrella Deep M is a small yet deep and parabolic umbrella, available in three fabrics (white, silver and translucent).

“Umbrellas are super easy to work. Unlike softboxes, umbrellas can be mounted in a matter of seconds. And I really like the deeper shape that the new Profoto Umbrellas Deep has. Not only does the deeper shape give you a lot more control. It also allows you to adjust and shape light by sliding the umbrella in its holder.”

Sandra brought one Umbrella Deep M of each model – one silver, one white and one translucent. She used them all but in slightly different ways.

“The silver version creates a nice, crisp light. The translucent version creates a beautiful, much softer light. And, finally, the white version creates a light that’s somewhere in between – soft and crisp. My personal favorite is the white version. Like I said before, I want a soft and subtle light, and the white version is just perfect for that. But sometimes I use the silver version with the optional diffuser attached.”

In this case, Sandra used the B1 Location Kit and the new Umbrella Deep M for her more fashion styled work. But would she use it for her wedding photography too?

“Absolutely! The B1 plus an Umbrella Deep M is the perfect solution for any wedding photographer wanting to take their photography to the next level without having to delve into the details. Seriously, it’s the way to go.”



Written by: Rebecca Ahremark