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Project Highlight: Paul Octavious - ResHue Dogs

20 January, 2018

Written by: Profoto USA

This week we'd like to highlight Chicago based photographer Paul Octavious's project "ResHue Dogs."

In collaboration with Chicago's largest no-kill animal shelter, PAWS and inspired by his lighting from an earlier project for NBC, Paul decided to help adopt out as many adorable animals as possible by showing them off using creative colorful lighting with the help of his Profoto D2's and colored gels. 






Chicago's shelters are always teeming to brim with animals that need homes. Paul plans to continue this project to help save as many animals as possible. If you're in the Chicago area and considering adopting or maybe you simply want to help, you should visit their website or donate!


About Paul:

Paul Octavious is a photographer from New England based in Chicago.

His work focuses on shooting commercial, editorial and anything that he comes across that sparks curiosity. In his 11 years of shooting, he’s gone from shooting portraits and still lives in his parents garage using light from the hardware store to shooting billboards for the likes of Apple and portraits at the Oscars. His work has been shared by many over the internet and over a half million following his work on instagram. As he continues experimenting with using new tools and photographing new subjects his works is constantly evolving. Paul is always in the pursuit to make something new.

To see more work from Paul Octavious, visit his Instagram!

Written by: Profoto USA

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