Tara Herron transitions from natural light to flash light | Profoto (US)

Tara Herron transitions from natural light to flash light

22 April, 2019

Written by: Allan Weitz

Tara Herron is an indoor lifestyle photographer who specializes in photographing children. When she first started out about 5 years ago she was strictly an available light photographer, and while she still considers herself a natural light photographer, she has been slowly incorporating flash into her workflow on occasions in which the appeal of natural light falls short.

Tara’s initiation to flash photography arrived in the form of a Profoto A1 flash system, which she gradually familiarized herself with. It didn’t take long for her to appreciate the creative possibilities made possible by the A1 flash system. As for her first impressions of the new Profoto B10 – ‘Wow’.

“I was blown away when I first saw the B10. It is such a powerful light yet so portable and user friendly. It has exceeded all my expectations! My favorite feature is [its] ability to change the temperature of the light to match the surroundings. I am always trying to mimic or enhance the natural light so this feature really comes in handy for me. It allows me to use external light while keeping with my original style.”

The size, weight, and form factor of the Profoto B10 also plays a big part in Tara’s enthusiasm for the B10. The system is easy to travel with and equally easy to manage when working solo. She also appreciates the fact the B10 can be integrated with her Profoto A1 flash system when additional backup is needed.

Tara’s go-to light modifier is the Profoto OCF Softbox 2x3’. “I love the soft light it creates. It creates very flattering portraits. It is also very light weight and easy to set up. I have been using it mainly in conjunction with natural light. I often take photos with harsh back lighting so the B10 allows me to keep the details of my subject while not totally blowing out the highlights in the background.”

Tara is already planning new projects in which she can utilize her B10 flash system. “The next project I will be working on with the B10 will be [a series of] self-portraits of me and my children. I want more of a fine are feel to them. This will be different from my current work, but I am excited to go in a new creative direction on this project. I want the light from the B10 to help me exaggerate the connection and emotion between me and my babies. This scene will be set up in my home and ‘I’ll use the OCF Softbox 2X3 to create light with soft edges. I will definitely use the temperature feature on the B10 to create warm tones and glowing skin. I’m excited for execute this idea soon.

When asked if she had any other thoughts about her Profoto B10 flash system, Tara readily replied; “I love the Profoto equipment and the whole team of people behind the brand”, which sounds like a sound endorsement if I ever heard one.

To see more of Tara Herron’s photography, visit her website and Instagram pages.

Written by: Allan Weitz

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OCF Softbox Rectangular

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