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What makes a wedding image stand out?

Wedding photography is not only about finding the right poses for your couple or the best camera angles. More importantly, it’s about the light - because great light is what makes an image stand out from the crowd. The Profoto A1X and A1 deliver natural and beautiful light on demand - and are incredibly easy to use. Along with their super-fast recycling time, you’ll be sure to never miss a shot.

A light bag for any wedding shoot

Because creating great wedding images doesn’t need to be hard or heavy. Go with the light alone, or expand your creativity with our light shaping tools.
Profoto Off-Camera Kit

Includes the Profoto A1X and the Profoto Connect trigger, letting you use light both on and off camera. It also enables you to control light settings straight from your smartphone.

Clic Dome

Diffuses the light for a soft and crisp look with natural fall-off. Good to use when pointing the flash towards the subject. Easily clicks onto the A1X and A1 head.

Clic Gel

Enables you to be creative with light and color, creating a warm golden hour or simply cool color effects. Available in many diferent colors and easily clicks onto the A1X and A1 head.

Soft Bounce

Creates a soft, flattering light and is great for portraits. Easily clicks onto the A1X and A1 head, and can be stackable with other light shaping tools.

Wedding photography trends

See what some of the world's renowned wedding photographers say about this year's trends.
Vanessa Joy

From what I see, wedding trends are leaning for finding more and more unique ways to decorate and celebrate two people in love. It’s made photographing so much fun!

Hannah L

I see the trend going towards an even more personal touch with people  incorporating unique details into their weddings. So, if a couple is into spirituality, they would include crystals or other spiritual details into the wedding.

Kate Hopewell-Smith

Unplugged ceremonies – asking guests to put their devices away and being in the moment. I’ve also seen an increase in couples that want handmade wedding albums. People are realizing that having digitals are essential, but that they also want to enjoy their images long term in a physical album.

Sandra Åberg

Bridal couples want their weddings to be unique and personal. This leads to strong lifestyle documentary wedding photography and less posing or staging. At least my clients want both: they want genuine emotions yet artistically framed.

Anna Fowler

I think that beauty shots of the bride are becoming more important, and that
dresses are less fitted than before. Therefore, more movement is required in the images, to show off the design of the dress. I also feel that weddings are becoming more relaxed.

Two Mann Studios

Honestly, we don’t know, because we don’t really care about trends. Trendy photos can often be eye candy, but it’s the soul in the images that make them timeless.

Short tutorials to get started with the Profoto A1X

Are you curious about how to get started with the Profoto A1X? We’ve created a series of short tutorials that take you through the basics.
How to get started with flash

In this video, you will learn the quick and easy way to get started with the Profoto A1X.

How to create soft and hard light

In this video, you will learn how to create soft and hard light with the Profoto A1X.

How to direct on-camera flash

In this video, you will learn three ways to direct the Profoto A1X for different looks and situations. 

How to be creative with gels

In this video, you will learn how to create golden hour and blue hour portraits with the Profoto A1X.

Two Mann Studios The world is my studio

The world is my studio

Canadian Two Mann Studios bring the A1 to the middle of an epic wedding dance floor
Paul Von Rieter Be free to create

Be free to create

Fujifilm photographer Paul Von Rieter takes the Profoto A1X to sunny Los Angeles for a portrait and engagement shoot.
Vanessa Joy The world is my studio

The world is my studio

New Jersey based Vanessa Joy creates natural light with the A1 at a dreamy wedding venue

What's the difference between A1X and A1

The A1X and A1 are siblings. The similarities are many, but the A1X has a little more of everything. A more powerful battery, faster recycling and a updated user interface. And it’s available for Fujifilm and Sony.
Profoto A1X

Available for Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Sony. Recycling time 0.05-1.0s. Up to 450 full power flashes. Updated fit, feel and finish.

Profoto A1

Available for Canon and Nikon. Recycling time 0.05-1.2s. Up to 350 full power flashes.