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Shape light in color - Lighting with gels

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Part 2 of 3 in the Fashion Lighting series

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About this course

From the basics of color theory to more advanced color techniques, Lindsay will explore the emotions that different colors evoke. In two scenarios you’ll learn how to use colored gels in a three light setup as a fill light, as well as the main and background light. And you’ll find out how to produce creative effects with water spray and how to change the mood in your photographs by using both warm and cool tones to create two distinct fashion looks. Take a look at some of the stunning results in our course portfolio.

Lighting skill level: Intermediate

Duration: 1h 1 min

What you get in this course

  • Online light shaping course
  • Downloadable step-by-step guide
  • Scenario based teaching from real life photographic shoots
  • Unlimited access on all devices
What you'll learn

Discover how to:

  • Plan your shoot with a color theme to match your concept
  • Apply basic color theory in photography
  • Use colors to evoke emotion in a photograph
  • Work with gels for backgrounds,
  • Use gels to fill shadows and rim lights
  • Photograph with grids to control spill light

What you may need

Essential information

Recommended gear

  • 3 x for off-camera use
  • 1 x beauty dish or similar light modifier of your choice
  • 1 x grid
  • 1 x color gel

Useful knowledge

  • Lighting skill level: Intermediate
    • Some understanding of artificial lighting and how it impacts an image
    • Experience of working with additional lighting to achieve a specific look
  • Camera skill level: Comfortable handling the camera in manual mode


26 July, 2021

I love Lindsay Adler. She is creative and I always learn a lot of her tutorials.

09 July, 2021

Nice and detailed approach, easy to understand

20 July, 2021

Music is slightly annoying. Lindsay is always great

Richard Coulstock
20 May, 2021

very good have a large selection of your gels and this will aid with the use of.

09 July, 2021

An indication of the difference of power between main light and fill lights is often useful. The background music during the lesson I find irritating.

22 February, 2021

this had alot of edible info on color gels, appreciated!

Oleg Schenker
15 December, 2020

I like that Lindsay explained the color combination on a color wheel first. Than, I like the approach of educated experiments she made just during the lesson. It is seen that not everything she wanted turned out well and she made improvements "on-the-go". It is interesting to follow her way of thoughts and experiments. It is well provoking to experiment on you own.

Jesse McKinnon
15 September, 2020

Great course. I wish it was longer!!

28 August, 2020

Could not find the mentioned step-by-step PDF

01 July, 2020

Lindsay is a very good instructor. The course was very good and I learned some added steps as a photographer.

Gabriel von Kunnert Photography
11 May, 2020

Instructor spoke exceedingly clearly and well! Easy to follow, well-produced and logically paced course. Loved it!

07 March, 2019

Troy Wayrynen (
25 November, 2018

Terrific video with lots of detail about how to create lighting effects using gels and grids, as well as positioning lights for different effects. I really enjoyed this video and learned a lot watching it.

14 October, 2018

Amazing techniques, tips and sets up

Raoul Randriamaholy / france
09 September, 2018

Thank you for all. Later i will practice and send you somes pictures. perfect lessons

Raoul Randriamaholy / south of France (cannes)
29 August, 2018

i am really feel this course very interesting: all i need to know is explained clearly. But i would like to know the cameras settings.

Michael Jordon
06 April, 2018

I think anyone with limited space (myself) can create interesting images with gels. They bring a new dimension to a photograph that can constantly change based upon the creativity of the photographer.

Christian Lee
04 April, 2018

The varied placement of the gels combined with the step by step instruction, made this course interesting and easy to follow.

Martin Drazsky
15 May, 2018

(1) Please make the episodes downloadable. I have purchased a number of instruction video courses from different sources, at similar prices to yours, and all of them allow downloads. (2) For the price, I would expect some extra episodes. (3) Lindsay is a good instructor but she talks all the time, often repeats herself, from the same camera angle. After a while, the style becomes a bit tiresome - I watched before going to bed and couldn't force my eyes open after a while. (4) Having said the above, I like the content and the ideas presented and I look forward to the next episodes, as long as you provide a very meaningful discount.

Antuna manu
12 March, 2018

A great course, given with much details and pedagogy.

Jason Largever NCubed Photography LLC
12 March, 2018

Informative. Enlightening. Helpful to bring my shooting to next level.

Stephen Muller
11 March, 2018

Just starting to use gels with Profoto B2 Location kit and found this to be very informative. I see this being useful for both beginners and experienced photographers. Well put together Lindsay! Wish I had purchased the series for some feedback.

Film Tang
08 March, 2018

I have a little subjection is the video could make a caption.

31 January, 2018

I loved how simple the lighting setup can be. So much creativity at our hands.

Robert Boyer
18 March, 2018

Again I felt this was a bit too basic to be categorized as "intermediate". Really not a ton of stuff here that's useful to people that have worked with lighting gear before. I'd LOVE to see someone like Miguel Jacob do something on the same subject matter and a bit more useful beyond the very basics.

06 February, 2018

a little short

08 February, 2018

Great info but not too much additional compared to readily available in YouTube. Too costly.

Meet the teacher
Lindsay Adler
Lindsay is a top fashion photographer whose editorials have appeared in major publications, such as Marie Claire, InStyle and Elle. Known for her clean, bold and graphic style, she also loves to share her knowledge with others. That’s why she’s such a great teacher and one of the most requested public speakers in the photography business worldwide.
Meet the teacher

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay is a top fashion photographer whose editorials have appeared in major publications, such as Marie Claire, InStyle and Elle. Known for her clean, bold and graphic style, she also loves to share her knowledge with others. That’s why she’s such a great teacher and one of the most requested public speakers in the photography business worldwide.

Profoto products in action

You don’t need to own Profoto products to learn from this series. But just in case you’re interested, here are the ones we used:

Profoto B1X

Softlight Reflector Silver

Grid 515 mm

Zoom Reflector

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