All about cookies

Profoto uses cookies on its websites to improve the usability and make your experience more enjoyable. By continued use of the site you consent to the use and storage of cookies. If you do not consent, change the settings of your browser or do not use this site. 

A cookie is a small file that websites store on your computer so that the website can recognize you the next time you visit the site. The cookie file is passive and is therefore unable to spread any malicious code or virus.

Profoto uses the following cookies:


Cookie to detect if user has selected "Remember me", used to keep the user logged in.


Cookie containing an anti-forgery token that is used to prevent CSRF attacks. This cookie ensures secure communication between the user and the web server.


When logging in, the server will return a cookie to the browser containing encrypted and signed claims about the user.


Cookie that keeps track of cookies that have been accepted.

You decide yourself if you want to accept cookies or remove them.

You can set which cookies you want to allow, block or erase by changing the settings of your browser. 

However, important information on the Profoto website may no longer be visible and certain functions may not work, if cookies are blocked or erased.

Any selection you make in your browser regarding cookies, pertains only to that browser and you must set cookies individually in each browser that you use. 

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